Kamala Harris Has Viral Moment Dancing On A Cardi B Song -- Is This Her Star Turn To The Presidency?

Kamala Harris, a leading candidate in the Democratic nomination race for president, has a viral video where she is dancing to a Cardi B song. Is it phony?

source: OpenSecrets

Presidential races are often won on moments where politics and entertainment get mixed up. Former President Bill Clinton won in 1992 after playing the saxophone on Arsenio Hall's late-night show. The episode even earned him the title of "First Black President."

Barack Obama did not really have one of these while he was running, but he left office with soaring approval ratings after he sang "Amazing Grace" at a church.

Senator Kamala Harris from California, who announced that she is running for president earlier this month, is looking for her star turn and she might have gotten, thanks to a viral video where she is dancing to Cardi B's hit song, "I Like It."

A staffer quickly shared the clip on social media and the Internet did the rest. Critics blasted the whole thing as fake. However, some point out that the Democratic politician seems to be genuinely enjoying herself and her smile appears radiant.

It might be a shameless attempt to connect with young voters, and it worked wonderfully for Harris. Although, Cardi B's rival, Nicki Minaj, who also has a huge following, will probably not rush to endorse the former prosecutor after seeing this.

On a more serious note, here is what Harris had to say about the longest government shutdown in history: "This wall is not about securing the American homeland and securing the nation. If you really wanted to secure the nation, you’d pay those people to do the job that they took an oath to do every day."

She also added: "Americans who live paycheck to paycheck can't afford another day, let alone another week, of a government shutdown. Let's do the right thing and vote on a clean bill to reopen the government tomorrow."

According to the different prediction markets, Harris is a favorite to win the Democratic nomination in 2020. However, former Vice President Joe Biden is the one leading in the polls.

Biden has not yet declared his candidacy, but many experts say he will run and could pose a serious challenge to President Donald Trump's strength in the Heartland.

Do you think Harris could win the presidency in 2020? Is her Cardi B's video sincere?