Kamala Harris Is Running For President In Clever Fashion -- Can She Win The Nomination?

Kamala Harris is slowly building support in the Democratic presidential race primary. Voters in Iowa are responding to her proposals. Can she win it all?

source: Variety

The Democratic primary season has more or less started, and one candidate is getting a lot of praises for the way she is handling the race.

A TV event on CNN was well received, and voters in Iowa are already watching her. Chairwoman of the Cerro Gordo County Democrats, JoAnn Hardy, said, "An event like (the CNN town hall) gets a lot of attention. And when she comes back to do the coffee shops, a lot of people will want to go (having seen her on TV)."

So, it is official -- California Senator Kamala Harris has confirmed that she will be running for president in 2020, and has revealed her agenda in its current version.

Some of the main points include widely available Medicare, better taxation rates, and improved economic equality across the board.

Harris explained that her deep love for her country has been her main motivating factor behind the decision to run for president.

It seems like she already has widespread support, with many people ready to vote for her in the event that her campaign goes very far in the Democratic primary process.

Harris made a specific promise to give the most noticeable tax cut the country has seen in a whole generation for the middle class, and she stated that she would compensate the budget by cutting some of the expenses of the people at the top.

She also touched on the topic of running against Trump specifically and added that the prospect of challenging the 45th U.S. president did worry her to some extent.

At the same time, she stated that her love for her country was simply too strong, and there was nothing that would stop her from giving this run a proper try if everything aligned properly.

This is not the first time Harris has been in the news recently, as she was actively involved in the #MeToo movement.

So far, she has made no references to that in her statements regarding her presidency run, and it is not certain if she will cross the two topics in any way.

It is certainly a possibility though, and one that many people seem to be preparing for.