Keechant Sewell has been sworn in as the first female NYPD police commissioner

"I'm lucky to be here and ready to work," Sewell told Twitter after the event. ! !


Swearing in late Saturday Keechant Sewell made history, becoming the first female commissioner of the New York Police Department since its inception 176 years ago.

"This oath demonstrates my deep commitment to our capital city - and the people who are listed as the best in New York," Sewell, 49, wrote on Twitter after the event at the city's police headquarters. "I have the privilege of being here and ready to work!"

Sewell has served as the 45th national police commissioner after serving as chief detective at the Nassau Regional Police Department where he has been based for 25 years.

He appointed Edward Caban, a former Harlem district official, to run for office.

Sewell has been appointed by New York mayor Eric Adams, who was also sworn in on Saturday in the city's Times Square.

Putting one hand on the family Bible, he carried a portrait of his mother Dorothy, who died in 2020, with the other, as Associate Justice Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix of the state appellate court swears him.

Former police captain Adams, 61, spoke out against crime, police and racial injustice in the campaign. He also promised to appoint a female police commissioner.

He is the second mayor of the Black City, after David Dinkins who served from 1990 to 1993, and the 110 mayor of New York City.

Both Sewell and Adams will have to deal with gunfire and violent crime.

"We want to stop the guns, we want to do all kinds of things we can use to stop the violence in the city," Sewell told NBC New York after the announcement of his new role last month. .

Keechant Sewell is expected to be the next NYPD commissioner

DEC. 15, 202101: 59

New York City is also facing an outbreak of new Covid-19 omicron infections. Adams said he was considering extending the city's immunization mandate to public schools and was committed to keeping schools open and avoiding any 8.8 million city closures.

A well-known politician, Adams, wrote a book on the benefits of veganism, which he said helped him with diabetes. She also revealed her favorite smoothie recipe on social media.

He is also known for visiting nightclubs in the city, saying when he appeared on Stephen Colbert's nightly program, “This is a city of nightlife. I have to check the product. I have to get out. ”