Kevin Smith Says Mallrats 2 Film Is A Go—Will It Actually See The Light Of Day This Time Around?

source: Flickr

For many years, fans have been waiting for a sequel to Kevin Smith's Mallrats film. After announcements that he was working on, then not working on the film's script, we now have yet another announcement that he is once again working on Mallrats 2.

However, what is different about the announcement this time around is that the film may, in fact, get done. Following on the success of his much anticipated third installment into the Jay & Silent Bob franchise, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, it would seem that Smith is now spurned on to get Mallrats 2 done. It probably helps that the reboot earned over $3 million, which, when taken into account with the tour that was associated with it, appears the way has undoubtedly paved the way for Mallrats.

In a recent interview, Smith touched on his current project:  “I’m off to a fun start by writing stuff for Brodie Bruce & Co. to say in the new script I’m calling Twilight of the Mallrats!”

This comment set fans of the movie's heart all a flutter, as for years it appeared the on-again, then off-again film would never really be seeing the light of day. There was even the speculation and rumors that the third installment would, in fact, become a TV series. However, after shopping it around, Smith was not able to find any networks that were willing to take a chance and put it out there.

With this newest announcement of Mallrats being in the works, many are wondering what will become of the long-awaited sequel that was recently confirmed recently—Clerks 3. Smith confirmed himself that the sequel was definitely on the way, and that script was done.

Smith had somewhat of a reunion, in 2019, with both Ben Affleck and Jeff Anderson. As many may recall, Anderson played the character of Randal in the previous two installments in the franchise. Having gotten back onto good terms with Anderson, Smith decided to work on the third entry into the franchise trilogy, which is rumored to reflect portions of his own life story.

The Randal character will have a heart attack, much like Smith did in real life, and will have an epiphany that his life, to that point, has meant nothing. As a result, Randal decides to make an independent film at the place he used to work. In essence, the film will mirror much of Kevin Smith's very own life.

It is unclear if the Mallrats story will end up being the one that Smith penned in 2015, as that one had been initially scheduled to begin production in 2016, but never came to pass. It is assumed that script may go through some revisions and touchups, bringing it up to date for the soon to be made film.

Do you think that the Mallrats film will actually get made this time around?