Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: the last straw that precipitated the divorce

The "Sun" publishes the divorce papers of the most bling-bling couple in showbiz. And evokes yet another dispute about the vacations that went wrong.

source: wwd

We know more about the sinking of the Kardashian-West couple, whose divorce was registered on February 19th. The Sun newspaper has obtained the official request for separation, which notifies "irreconcilable differences", according to the classic formula.

But some relatives are lifting the veil on the real reasons that have taken everything away, including yet another dispute on a trivial subject, a drop of water that has broken the camel's back...

"The final battle that ended their marriage was nothing more than summer vacation plans, a relative told the British daily newspaper. What was a simple conversation about the choice of dates and places took on huge proportions and, unfortunately, degenerated into a violent confrontation. It wasn't so bad in itself, but it pushed Kim over the edge...".

Political fiasco and bipolarity

According to the same sources, Kanye West did not believe his wife would go through with it, as she had several times whipped up the divorce file, ready to be filed, without ever going through with it.

"Kanye told her friends that Kim was bluffing about the divorce and that their marriage wasn't really over. "This would have made his wife even more determined to cut the ties for good.

Add to that a situation that has only gotten worse in recent months: by running for the U.S. presidential election, the rapper not only humiliated his family through Twitter and rhetoric, but also lost nearly $13 million in campaign expenses and resulted in a political fiasco.

The couple ended up living apart, with Kanye reclusive on his ranch in Wyoming and Kim with her children in Los Angeles.

The reality TV star could no longer stand the bipolarity of the singer, who was very reluctant to be treated. "The biggest challenge in their relationship was Kanye's refusal to continue to take medication for his mental health," reported a relative in the Sun.

Last summer, in the midst of a bipolar crisis, Kim had tried to have her husband committed to a mental institution, which made her angry on social networks...

Financial issues

According to documents published by the British daily newspaper, the reality TV star does not demand sole custody of their four children, North, 7 years old, Saint, 5 years old, Chicago, 3 years old and Psalm, 1 year old. The couple should therefore agree on shared custody.

As for the financial stakes, they are colossal since their combined wealth exceeds two billion dollars. But here again, we would be moving towards a compromise, based on a pre-nuptial agreement signed by each party six years ago.

Kim Kardashian, 40 years old, should receive a big check but would not consider asking for alimony, her juicy business, valued at 900 million, allowing her to ensure her lifestyle and that of her children. The rapper should therefore not lose too many feathers and keep his loot, estimated by Forbes at 1.3 billion dollars ...