Kirsten Gillibrand Calls Donald Trump A Coward In Her First Campaign Rally -- Can This Move Save Her Presidential Hopes?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is getting more aggressive in her approach when it comes to campaigning against President Donald Trump. For her, he is a "coward."

Kirsten Gillibrand Calls Donald Trump A Coward In Her First Campaign Rally -- Can This Move Save Her Presidential Hopes?591
source: NBC News

After announcing her intention to run for president, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has decided to launch her campaign with a direct attack on President Donald Trump.

Gillibrand described Trump as a "coward" while delivering a speech to a group of people outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower in NYC.

She went on to describe that she disagreed with political platforms that attempted to exploit emotions like fear and hate, and she was hopeful that people could rise together above their differences, facing their problems as one.

Gillibrand described the people listening to her speech as brave and pointed out that they deserved a president who shared those values too.

She claimed that she found constant inspiration in the bravery of Americans, and that was the main factor in her decision to run for president in the first place.

The liberal politician stated: "We are here to reject the politics of fear and hate. We are here to embrace our shared humanity and rise above our differences. The people of this country deserve a president who is worthy of your bravery. Your bravery inspires me every day, and that is why I’m running for President of the United States."

The fact that the speech was delivered right in front of Trump’s famous property was no coincidence, as it drew even more attention to the statements made by Gillibrand.

Many described the move as a clever one and something that was meant to provoke reactions. To that end, it does look like Gillibrand has been successful so far.

Her decision to run for president has made the landscape for the upcoming 2020 elections an even more exciting and peculiar one, and it looks like political experts are going to see one of the most memorable battles for the job of the president in a long time.

Many are preparing for that accordingly, both in the media as well as ordinary citizens.

So far, she has not done well in the polls and is often stuck around one percent. She is probably hoping that the Summer debates will save the candidacy.

Do you think Gillibrand is right or wrong to believe that the debates will save her campaign?