Kristin Smart case: Shy podcaster led cops to arrest in California cold case killing.


LOS ANGELES — Chris Lambert would really like to get returned to making track but he can’t appear to stop chasing a ghost that has haunted him for almost 25 years.

A billboard at the aspect of the road on California’s Central Coast led him on a detour three years in the past from his profession as a singer-songwriter and recording engineer. He created a podcast approximately the 1996 disappearance of university freshman Kristin Smart and it’s taken over his lifestyles.

“I can’t step faraway from it for a variety of days,” Lambert stated. “I simply get sucked right back in because I want to be resolving matters.”

It become an not going turn for a person who refers to himself as a shy, “random boy with a beard” and it has produced effects he by no means imagined.

On Tuesday, as San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson introduced arrests, he credited Lambert with helping draw worldwide interest to the case and bringing ahead numerous key witnesses.

The longtime suspect, Paul Flores, and Smart have been fellow rookies at the California Polytechnic State University campus in San Luis Obispo. Now 44, Flores changed into charged with murder in the killing of the nineteen-yr-antique whilst looking to rape her in his dorm room, prosecutors stated.

His father, Ruben Flores, 80, become charged as an accessory after authorities said he helped hide the body, which has in no way been positioned.

Paul Flores’ lawyer has declined to touch upon the criminal price. A lawyer for Ruben Flores stated his consumer is innocent.

Lambert has been thrust into the spotlight with the arrests. His eight-element collection, “Your Own Backyard,” hit 7.Five million downloads Thursday and it became the No. 2 podcast on iTunes. Lambert’s smartphone has been blowing up with messages — from fans, tipsters and news reporters. He appreciates the eye however has been beaten.

“It’s driving me insane,” he said, yet he remained focused, patient and polite all through a forty five-minute interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday.

All the attention isn’t main to any cash — Lambert takes no marketing for the podcast, relying on donations.

His is the modern-day in a line of real-crime podcasts to play a function in an arrest, a court enchantment or even an exoneration.

“Up and Vanished” led a person to confess to killing a Georgia splendor queen, at the same time as “Serial” helped a convicted assassin win a brand new trial in Maryland. “In the Dark” unearthed new evidence in a case prosecutors dropped rather than looking for a 7th trial against a Mississippi guy who spent many years on loss of life row.

Lambert, 33, became just 8 when Smart vanished a brief force up the coast from his personal home in the small town of Orcutt, approximately 140 miles northwest of Los Angeles. It scared him that a person had long past missing and no one knew what befell.

For more than a long time, a billboard featuring a image of a grinning Smart marketed a $75,000 reward. It’s positioned in the city of Arroyo Grande, in which Paul Flores grew up and his parents nevertheless live.

Lambert exceeded it commonly and it in the long run motivated him to begin investigating.

“I concept I’d provide it a shot and see if I may want to get some humans talking,” Lambert said. “All I have to do is get over my shyness and start calling these humans instantly and start asking honestly personal questions.”



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He bought some super recording equipment and began making calls. He positioned ignored or reluctant witnesses who hadn’t spoken with police, he stated.

People opened up to Lambert and he recommended them to contact investigators with applicable records. Deputies started out calling him to connect them with humans he interviewed.

“What Chris did with the podcast became positioned it out nationally to usher in new statistics,” Parkinson said with out elaborating on the brand new proof. “It did produce some statistics that I accept as true with turned into precious.”

A former colleague of Paul Flores’ mom, Susan Flores, informed him Mrs. Flores came into paintings after Memorial Day weekend 1996 — whilst Smart went missing — announcing she didn’t sleep properly due to the fact her husband had gotten a smartphone call within the midnight and left in his car.

“The speculation has been all alongside that Paul called his dad within the nighttime and his dad came up and helped him cast off Kristin’s body,” Lambert stated.

A tenant who lived for a year at Susan Flores’ home told him she heard a watch alarm every morning at 4:20 a.M. Smart had labored as a lifeguard at 5 a.M. On the Cal Poly pool, so it’s feasible she set her watch to awaken at that early hour.

“That appears to be the instant within the podcast series that most people have been simply absolutely shaken,” he stated. “This may be the piece of evidence that factors to the fact that Kristin changed into buried in that outdoor or that her assets had been buried in that backyard.”

Susan Flores, who hung up when called via the AP, informed KSBY-TV in March inside the simplest interview she’s granted that she may want to “shoot quite a few holes into plenty of (Lambert’s) lies.”

She said Lambert never contacted her. He stated he sent an middleman to her house and Susan Flores threatened to name the police. His efforts to speak with Paul Flores were additionally fruitless, he said.

Lambert spoke with a former Australian trade pupil at Cal Poly who said he saw Flores and Smart suffering near wherein Smart was last visible. Lambert stated investigators had disregarded that account in the early years of the probe.

Lambert has developed a close dating with the Smart family, who issued a statement after the arrest, praising his capabilities and “unselfish willpower.”

He is thankful to have grown near the own family. He appears like he’s gotten to realize Kristin Smart, but desires he had the danger to fulfill her.

“For most of my lifestyles, Kristin Smart has been a face on a billboard,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ve discovered approximately Kristin the daughter, Kristin the large sister, Kristin the buddy, the neighbor, the roommate. Kristin the swimmer. Kristin the dreamer. And I’ve learned that you could miss someone you in no way even got to meet.”