Kurt Angle: 25 years after taking the gold in Olympic Wrestling.

source: lastwordonsports

One of the WWE legends had outstanding participation when he was an Olympic athlete and managed to win the gold medal in Atlanta in 1996.

Fans will never forget Kurt Angle of the American pankration for his unique charisma and ability to entertain one of the most demanding audiences in sporting entertainment. However, his power inside the ring was indisputable.

His titles within the most commercial wrestling company in the world include four World Heavyweight titles, an International Championship, European Championship, Hardcore Championship, Tag Team Champion, and Chris Benoit, a Triple Crown Championship a Grand Champion. In addition to winning a WCW World Heavyweight Championship and six TNA World Heavyweight titles.

But the Angle legend began in 1996 in Atlanta. It all started when the Olympic fighter injured his neck after falling on the surface in the semifinal round before securing his pass to the summer tournament in the national qualifiers. Two vertebrae were ruptured, and he had a herniated disc. Yet, even with the injury and the timer in one minute, he managed to continue.

The feat culminated spectacularly. In the championship final, Angle was down by three points, and it looked like his road to the Olympics in his own country would end before it started. However, he managed to get ahead and achieved his pass.

At the beginning of 1996, Angle had to face a severe blow outside the Olympic arenas, as his coach, Dave Schulz, died at the hands of John Du Pont, a businessman. The latter relied on the talent of wrestlers to go to the summer joust, which caused an earthquake in the Olympian gladiator, as Schulz had become a total mentor to him after sharing the practice of fighting for quite some time.

Even with neck injuries, the fighter decided to compete in the Olympics. The first duel he faced in the summer joust was against the representative of Mongolia, Dolgorsurengiin Sumyaabazar. The American got in the way with a final 4-0 and thus managed to qualify for the next round. Angle's new victim was the Cuban Wilfredo Morales, whom he also defeated with 2-0.

Once installed in the quarterfinals, the Ukrainian Sagid Murtazalieev posed a considerable threat to Kurt, as he was on the verge of eliminating him. However, the North American managed to recover during the meeting and managed to take a close victory of 4-3.

Once in the semifinals, aware of the smell of the medals, he beat Konstantin Aleksadrov and thus reached the finals where he won gold by beating Iranian Abbas Jadidi by decision of the judges.

The medal was dedicated to his family and his coach Schultz. All this furor led him to appear on various television shows and be congratulated by President Clinton on his success. However, the athlete believed that his life was left to chance.

By the end of 1996, ECW managed to get him into the ring. Two years later, in 1998, he managed to enter the WWE. Even with injuries, Angle decided to continue wrestling based on the intake of medications that inhibited pain, which in turn were prohibited by the wrestling company he was in.

Despite this, Angle tasted the honey of success with the various titles he obtained in the ring, and 25 years after his Olympic feat, he will also be considered one of the best fighters. So today, you can also boast that you became one of the WWE Hall of Famers. For every disappointment, there is a day of glory.