Lara Trump (daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump,) hired as a Fox News contributor.


The daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, Lara Trump, it was announced Monday that she had been hired as a new Fox News contributor.

The information came during a Fox & Friends segment when the broadcast network invited Lara Trump to discuss the increase in migrants crossing the southern border under the Joe Biden administration.

"Let's bring in Lara Trump, former senior Trump campaign adviser, and we have a great announcement. She's a new Fox News contributor. Host Ainsley Earhardt said. Welcome to the family.

I am very excited to join the Fox family. Mrs. Trump replied. I feel like I have been an unofficial member of the team for so long."

Later, Lara Trump, who is married to Eric Trump (the former president's son), joked that she was previously asked by network security if "maybe I should get a key" because she was a frequent guest on Fox & Friends and other TV shows. Fox News for the past five years, including the term of Trump's presidency.

Lara Trump had no experience working in the government before joining the former president's election campaign. She worked as a pastry chef, personal trainer, and television producer until she joined the Trump campaign as a consultant.

Like other Trump family members, Lara has capitalized on her father-in-law's political fame and worked to promote herself to conservative voters.

Recently, Lara Trump also revealed that she was considering running for the United States Senate in North Carolina but has yet to make an official decision on the march.

Speaking to Newsmax on Saturday, Lara Trump said a decision on her Senate run could be made very soon.

I'm not ready to make an unannounced yet, Carl, but it's something I'm still seriously considering," Lara told Saturday Report host Carl Higbie. from my home state in North Carolina, which I would love to express to people. Still, as you know, this is a very important decision. It involves a lot of progress for our family. 

He added We are working, and I hope to announce something soon.

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican, also revealed that he could consider a Senate run in 2022, influencing Trump's decision.

Lara Trump would run for the job of Republican Senator Richard Burr if he decided to run. The longtime senator has announced that he will retire in 2022.