Laura Ingraham Slams California For Trying To Provide Health Care To Illegal Immigrants In The State -- Is She Right?

Laura Ingraham is going California and its governor, Gavin Newsom, for trying to help those in need, who are in the country illegally. Does she have point?

source: Flickr

Laura Ingraham is once more angry at liberal politicians and immigrants, and she decided to use her popular platform on Fox News to lash out.

She claimed: “Think those homeless people, including homeless vets, might be able to use that money?”  Ingraham asked will Californians accept to pay for the bill?

She added: “How they’re going to pay for this by the way, by taxing citizens who don’t have health insurance. In other words, reviving the penalty of Obamacare.”

Do you think Ingraham has a point, yes or no?