Laura Ingraham Slams California For Trying To Provide Health Care To Illegal Immigrants In The State -- Is She Right?

Laura Ingraham is going California and its governor, Gavin Newsom, for trying to help those in need, who are in the country illegally. Does she have point?

Laura Ingraham Slams California For Trying To Provide Health Care To Illegal Immigrants In The State -- Is She Right?848
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Laura Ingraham is once more angry at liberal politicians and immigrants, and she decided to use her popular platform on Fox News to lash out.

The fiery conservative television host decided to address the much-talked-about law proposed by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom to provide health care for undocumented immigrants.

It would cost the Golden state  $98 million a year to cover all low-income undocumented immigrants between the ages of 19 and 25.

The state Assembly wants to take the matter further with a  $3.4 billion bill that would benefit all illegal immigrants 19 and older living in California.

Meanwhile, the state Senate is proposing a piece of legislation that would cover adults ages 19 to 25, plus seniors 65 and older.

The conservative radio talk show host bashed the California politicians who she claimed are doing damages to America’s health and well-being.

Ingraham began by saying this on Monday night’s episode of The Ingraham Angle: “Over the weekend, we learned that California has gone from sanctuary state for dreamers to just being a sucker state for Americans. They just announced state budget deal will now give health care benefits to many adult illegals too. Those between the ages of 19 and 25 will now be eligible for California’s ‘Medicaid’ program known as ‘Medi-Cal.”

According to Ingraham, California officials need to turn their attention to those who are homeless instead of helping immigrants.

She claimed: “Think those homeless people, including homeless vets, might be able to use that money?”  Ingraham asked will Californians accept to pay for the bill?

She added: “How they’re going to pay for this by the way, by taxing citizens who don’t have health insurance. In other words, reviving the penalty of Obamacare.”

Ingraham later turned her attention to San Antonio, Texas, where 500 migrants from African nations were recemtly arrested as they were crossing the  U.S.-Mexico border.

Ingraham spoke about the past Ebola outbreak in Africa and added: “One wonders where the concern for the health of the San Antonio citizenry is? Citizens across the United States. Who’s going to translate their concerns to federal officials? And why is no one questioning the pressure that this will place on communities across the country that are now obligated to house, educate, and feed people from other continents when we seem incapable in some cases of caring for our citizens.”

Do you think Ingraham has a point, yes or no?