Laura Ingraham Wants To Change Perceptions Around MAGA Hats -- Can Donald Trump Help Fill The Empathy Gap?

Some President Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats do get in trouble with bad headlines, so Laura Ingraham has an idea on how to change things in terms of PR. 

source: RedState

Too many people, who are showing support to President Donald Trump by wearing his famous MAGA hats, are getting in trouble. So, TV anchor Laura Ingraham has come up with a solution.

On Fox’s

In a lengthy monologue, Ingraham said that the world needs to know that Trump's policies are not racist neither are the people who support him.

The TV personality said it is time that conservative voters who back the former reality TV star to show the world that they are tolerant of minorities.

She told her viewers: “It’s gotten so bad in America that wearing a Trump hat is basically considered a hate crime. The goal, my friends, is to brand an entire belief system as immoral, evil, toxic and, of course, it’s racist. Liberals who used to love discourse, I remember them when they used to love to debate. They now prefer the easier route: Just call someone a Nazi or closet KKK member and you’re done.”

The host went on to revisit a few troubling stories where people wearing the MAGA hat were involved --

Ingraham also praised POTUS for making the country greater than before with his policies.

She shared: “By any objective analysis, Donald Trump’s policies are working. And they’re not scary, and they're not racist, and they’re not anti-woman, and they’re not anti-immigrant.”

She further elaborated by saying that the changes being pushed by Mr. Trump have benefited minorities and women.

Her idea is to now associate the famous hat with gestures of kindness and tolerance.

She made the following suggestion: “As for those red hats? Well, I would continue to wear them whenever and wherever you like. And when doing so, be sure to show everyone around you what true tolerance, kindness, and inclusiveness looks like.”

Do Trump supporters have a lot of empathy?