Legal professional Alex Murdaugh jailed in alleged fraud involving the housekeeper's settlement cash

He was detained in the in the state in South Carolina after being arrested in Florida.


The embattled attorney Alex Murdaugh was behind bars in his home state of South Carolina on Saturday after the family of his former housekeeper accused him of that he stole millions of dollars of settlement money.

The records of inmates at The Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia include Murdaugh in detention based on the allegations that he obtained property with fraudulent pretexts. Two counts are mentioned with bonds for each of them at $10,000.

Murdaugh 53-year-old Murdaugh was arrested on Thursday in connection to the case. Murdaugh was arrested later within Orlando, Florida, upon his release from a rehabilitation facility. A hearing on extradition was held on Friday.

A court ruled that the two sons of Murdaugh's homekeeper Gloria Satterfield, should have been able to receive greater than $2.7 millions in insurance benefits following an "slip-and-fall" at his home that eventually killed her. Murdaugh was able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company in secret, but none of the proceeds was distributed to the children as claimed by the sons.

Murdaugh's attorney Richard "Dick" Harpootlian, said on "Good Morning America" Friday, "Look, he's reconciled to the fact that he's headed to prison. He's aware of the consequences. He's an attorney."

No explanations in the case of the missing Arizona man who disappeared after a an event in 2008.

State police are investigating a claim made by Murdaugh's law firm, created by his great-grandfather century ago, that he could have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars of the firm.

On the 7th of June Murdaugh discovered his wife, Maggie 52 and his son Paul 22 years old, murdered within the Colleton County home. The investigation was not completed. In September. 4. Murdaugh received a headshot while on the other side of the highway.No explanations in the case of the missing Arizona man who disappeared after a an event in 2008.

The legal team of his client said Murdaugh had depression and was attempting to arrange his own demise to allow his son's surviving family members to get a $10 millions insurance plan.

Murdaugh is part of a well-known, respected family from South Carolina that has produced numerous attorneys and prosecutors.