LinkedIn assures that the leaked information of 500 million users is not from a security breach.


After an analysis of the situation, the company explained that the disseminated files have aggregated data from different websites.

The data of 500 million LinkedIn users found for sale in a hacker forum did not come from a new security breach in the platform but an aggregation of data from different websites and services.

The company concluded that the recently found data set is not part of a new platform's new vulnerability. They claim in a statement shared on its news page.

After analyzing the data found, they also ensure that they do not contain LinkedIn members' private information. And they point out that the files have been formed with the aggregated data of different websites and companies and the publicly visible information of the members' profiles.

A few days ago, it became known that several files with information from 500 million LinkedIn users had been shared in a hacker forum for sale, where there was a sample file with the data of 2 million user accounts.

The Cyber news team, which analyzed the data, confirmed that it was information from LinkedIn but could not determine whether it was updated information or old security breaches. They also did not find information considered sensitive, such as bank details. After an analysis, the company concludes that the data does not arise from a security breach.

If you leaked another database with phone numbers of Facebook users

A week after the existence of a data breach involving more than 500 million Facebook users came to light, the leak of another database with phones of people who use the platform became known. According to the Motherboard site, it is unrelated to the previous leak.

It would be a Telegram bot that can provide phone numbers of Facebook users and that asks the person to point to a page of Mark Zuckerberg's social network. Then it can extract the phone data of the people who have given it " I like this page.

To use the bot, you must first identify the unique identification code of the Facebook page from which you want to obtain the phone numbers, be it a music group, a bar, or another type of page. That code is entered into the system, which provides a cost of the data in US dollars and the option to continue with the purchase, based on tests performed by the portal above.

Depending on the number of page followers, the bot gives a certain price to the information. The site that made this finding ran the test with its own Facebook page. The bot found 134,803 users with removable phone numbers and gave the information a price of USD 539. To purchase the information, you must go to a website to continue with the payment and obtain a code to enter in the automated system on Telegram.