Lionel Messi's mother broke the silence and told what his cabals were in the Copa América.


Celia Cuccitini, the mother of the Argentine captain, told for the first time how she experienced the coronation of Argentina in Brazil, which meant her son's first title with the senior team.

"I had faith that God was going to grant me this miracle." Then, Celia Cuccitini, Lionel Messi's mother, broke the silence and told for the first time how she experienced the coronation of Argentina in the Copa América. "I'm just falling; we're going through all the emotions," confessed the mother of the Argentine captain who was able to break the drought at the Maracana stadium and celebrated his first title with the senior team.

Tomorrow we can all live together and enjoy it together. "We are happy," he said as he spoke to us this morning on El Trece.

I lived the final super nervous; it hurt to the last hair. We were all nervous. The game was adamant. I had faith in God that he was going to grant me this miracle," acknowledged La Pulga's mother. She keeps a low profile and does not usually give interviews.

Celia told what were her cabals or rituals that she performed before each match of the Argentine team during the Copa América played in Brazil. "I saw him alone at the game. Each one saw it in their room. My nephews and their brothers got together at their house. My daughter-in-law (Antonela Roccuzzo) saw him with the boys (Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro) and her mother. This Saturday and the previous one were special. I get terrible with all my saints around. I do a ritual".

La Pulga's mother revealed that on the day of the consecration at the Maracanã stadium, she spoke "a lot of times" with her son. This was a constant after each match of the contest.

"After the games, I always talked to him. And he talked with the brothers, first with Anto and the kids. That day I spoke a lot of times, we made several calls after the game, and on Sunday, we are waiting for everyone because they arrived with the kids and Anto. The brothers and nephews made posters for him, and we were all together, celebrating", concluded Celia, proud of the feat achieved by her son in Brazil.

A similar situation occurred with the mother of Ángel Di María, the final hero for scoring the winning goal and the coronation against Brazil. "Ángel wanted to take off this backpack, and finally, it was given to him," said Diana Carreño.

"Ángel required to take off this backpack, and he ultimately got it. Of course, whenever he had to show since he was a child, one is used to those things, but he wanted to get rid of that thorn, and he succeeded," said Di María's mother for Radio Telam.

"He is very nervous, and he contracts immediately, he carries the shirt very deep, and he fought a lot to be in the national team again, luckily the ankle was not so much," Carreño said. You always try to help your children in any way you can, and she thanked us on camera. Unfortunately, he hit his head against the wall, but this time he did it," he said.

Carreño assured that she has been "two years" without seeing her son due to the coronavirus pandemic and that she is "desperate to give him a hug." In addition, as Celia, Messi's mother, revealed that the cabals she used to break the spell in Brazil were to watch the game along with her husband, without guests. And that at the request of his son, they generally shout the goals a minute later in case they finally cancel it. Still, this time the father of Fideo could not contain himself. "I almost killed him!" Diana acknowledged. "But then we looked like little dogs running everywhere," he concluded with a laugh.