Live longer and better: how to introduce healthy habits


The goal isn't just to measure longer but also better. Reaching adulthoodfully capacity and free from disease. and also the smart thing is to introduce healthy habits into our lives, actuality secret of longevity.

A recent study from Harvard school of medicine has been ready to quantify the years of life that are added freed from disease just by acquiring a healthy lifestyle. Among his conclusions, he points out: " Adopting a healthy lifestyle in time of life is related toa extendedlifespanfreed from major chronic diseases ."

The work observed how an appropriate lifestyle was related to a lower risk of cancer, upsets, and diabetes, stilllike mortality, with a greater total lifetimeand therefore the number of years of life freed from these diseases.

The important thing is what we do on a day-to-day basis. “ persons are people of habits: good or bad. Once the habit has entered our routine, it's challenging to eradicate it. Therefore, the smart thing is to introduce healthy habits that give us a top quality of life. Introducing habits is extremely easy, but eliminating them is waytougher ”, explains Dr. Vicente Mera, our head of the interior Medicine area.

Quality of life and prevention
Harvard's work is deeply significant for its findings. " Promoting a healthy lifestyle would help reduce the burden of health care by reducing the danger of developing multiple chronic diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, and lengthening disease-free expectancy, " the researchers said.

The study also highlighted how public policies to enhance diet and also the physical environment that promote the adoption of a healthy diet and lifestyle, additionally as relevant regulations (for example, the prohibition of smoking publicly places or fat restrictions ), are essential to boostanticipation, especially life.

The question is: why, knowing the importance of prevention linked to healthy habits, is there no greater awareness of its value?

“ it's difficult to seek out solutions before having problems. Our discourse is usually perspective, but we must incorporate into our dictionary what Erasmus already said five centuries ago: prevention is healthier than cure. we should always add that prevention is additionally easier and cheaper than cure ”, emphasizing Dr. Vicente Mera.

The pillars; diet, exercise, and eradicate tobacco and alcohol consumption
The pillars of healthy life would come with five particular aspects, in step with our specialist: healthy eating, weight control, not smoking, constant and moderate exercise, and monitoring alcohol consumption.

" someone over 50 who follows these five habits can make his life 20 percent longer than someone who doesn'tdepend upon any of those pillars, " summarizes Dr. Vicente Mera.

Besides, not only is it that an individual with healthy habits can live for an additional 10 years but, because the expert points out, “when diseases arise at the tip of life, this life also has better quality and problems are solved. health (if they appear) with less suffering ”.

It is essential to accumulate good habits and "learn" them from the primarystages of life, from childhood itself, convert them and internalize them as a rotunda.Grammar CheckCheck PlagiarismDownload Report