Lohan In The Media Spotlight Again After Threatening Tirade—Says She Will Expose CBS

Lindsay Lohan denies all claims that she threatened to "expose" those at CBS, despite proof in an Instagram post.

source: Tracy Few

Lindsey Lohan is no stranger to controversy or time in the media spotlight.  However, her most recent antics not only involve her but her mother as well.  It would seem that Lohan denies any claims that she threatened to “expose” CBS studios, over a situation that has more to do with Lohan’s pride than anything else.

The whole situation revolves around a statement on her Instagram, Lohan now makes claims that a former member of her staff actually posted the comment—which bashed CBS studios and that she had nothing to do with it at all.

In a statement posted to Lohan's Instagram on Saturday, she stated:  “...I can guarantee these statements were not made from me."  She went on to state that after further investigation, it was learned that a former member of her team, with access to her Instagram account, made the changes.  She wants to assure all those involved that the incident will we dealt with internally.

The whole incident in question was sparked by the fact that Lohan's mother, who was a contestant on CBS's Big Brother, was voted off the show.  The statement that Lohan continues to deny she made on her Instagram, berated CBS for her mother being let go. 

 However, now Lohan seems to be singing a different tune, as she recently posted: "I want to personally thank CBS and Big Brother for giving my mother this incredible opportunity."  She stated her pride in her mother and all that she achieved while a contestant on the show.  She finished by saying she was thankful for those individuals who had made her aware of exactly was happening on all her social media channels.

The actual cause of all the controversy is a rant that has now been deleted that appeared on her personal Instagram account.  The post brought to light the fact that her mother, Dina, had been kicked off of Celebrity Big Brother, after lasting 29 days.  The decision had come down to a decision to let either Dina and Tamar Braxton go.  

It was then that Lohan allegedly took to social media, to rant about her displeasure in the decision.  The post ended with the perceived threat of “The secrets she told me a few hours ago are going to #EXPOSE #YOUALL #dinalohan #dfwm.”

Although Lohan did leave the picture up, that the post was attached to, she has since deleted the inflaming caption.  As is the usual case with Lohan, precisely what the 32-year-old actress/reality star is upset over, is really anyone's guess.  Reports state that she also took to Twitter blasting Braxton as well over the incident.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is this just another case of Lohan being Lohan, resulting in a threat that never had any real justification let alone backing?