London Bridge Location Of Several Stabbings—Declared A Terrorist Attack

source: Pixabay

While most Americans were enjoying the start of the retail Christmas shopping season, our friends across the pond were dealing with yet another suspected terrorist attack.

Reports out of London England on Friday stated that several people were allegedly stabbed near the London Bridge.  According to earlier statements by law enforcement, a male assailant was detained, but then shortly afterward, it was announced the individual had been shot dead.

Law enforcement officers responded to the area of the London Bridge after receiving reports of “a stabbing.”  As it ended up, there were several stabbing victims, and the Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, of the Metropolitan Police, officially declared the violent act as indeed being a terrorist attack.

After law enforcement had responded to the call regarding a possible stabbing, nearby witnesses stated that they heard several gunshots.  Sky News reported that police had fired on the alleged attack, and as a result, the man was shot dead.

In a press statement by Basu:  “A male suspect was shot by a specialist armed officer from the City of London Police, and I can confirm that the suspect died on the scene."

He also confirmed that a team of specialist officers had been dispatched as there were reports that the individual was wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest.  However, it was later announced that the suspected vest bomb was, in fact, a hoax device.

He went on to state that several other individuals acquired injuries as a result of the incident, and as soon as he was able, he would be providing updates on their conditions.

The news of the attacks came early Friday morning when the Metropolitan Police tweeted and verified that they were indeed handling an incident near the London Bridge.  Witness reports of the gunshots were also verified and backed up by a BBC reporter in the area.

NBC News was able to confirm that the alleged attacker had been detained, and stated video footage showed a person on the ground, with police weapons aimed at him. 

The surrounded areas, including bus stations, subway and train stations, as well as local shops and restaurants, were cordoned off and evacuated.  Baus stated that law enforcement was working meticulously to canvas those areas closeby the incident, to make sure there were no other outstanding threats present towards the public.

Reports of the attack first came in just before 2 pm (9 am EST).  It was not long after that reports came in that it was announced by Transport for London that the London Bridge had been closed.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is this just the beginning of a ramping up of terror-related incidents in England?