London Police Declined to Investigate Prince Andrew -- Was It The Right Decision?

source: Instagram

London police have substantiated its decision not to pursue a full investigation of allegations made against Prince Andrew by a woman who claimed she was a victim of human trafficking organized by the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

In a press conference Thursday, London Metropolitan Police confirmed that they received a complained in 2015 from Virginia Roberts Giuffre. She said she was trafficked by the late financier  and had sex with Prince Andrew three times starting in 2001. Giuffre claimed she was 17 when they first had sex. 

Police Commander Alex Murray explained that after getting legal advice and consultation with prosecutors, the police concluded that the London-based force was the wrong agency to investigate the matter.

According to Commander Murray, it was clear that an investigation into human trafficking would be mainly focused on activities and relationships outside of the United Kingdom.

Murray also added that London Metropolitan Police had not received any formal requests for assistance from other law enforcement agencies regarding the case.

He also confirmed that police reviewed its decision after Epstein's death earlier this year. It decided not to amend its policy.

Virginia Giuffre has confirmed her allegations against Prince Andrew on numerous occasions in the last couple of years. She has said the British royal should take responsibility for what he has done. A television interview with Giuffre is set to be broadcast Monday in the United Kingdom.

Prince Andrew, 59, has categorically declined Giuffre's allegations saying that he did not remember ever meeting her. In an unprecedented interview with the BBC two weeks ago, the Duke of York claimed that on the night in question, he had accompanied his daughter Beatrice to a party in Surrey.

Prince Andrew also declined Ms. Giuffre's claims that he had sweated heavily during their alleged time together, but it was not true as he had a proven medical condition, which is that he does not sweat.

The royal confirmed he would testify under oath ''if push came to shove'' and if his lawyers advised him to.

During the interview, Prince Andrew defended his friendship with Epstein and showed no sympathy for Epstein's underage female victims. Soon after the interview, the Duke of York has officially announced he is stepping down from his royal duties effective immediately.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose London Metropolitan Police in its decision not to investigate Queen Elizabeth's son?