Louisiana Man Suspected Of Killing His Parents Was Arrested In Virginia: What Led To This Tragedy?

Louisiana shootings leave five people dead and the young suspect was apprehended in Virginia. His parents are amongst the victims. Were there warning signs?

source: Newsday

Two separate shooting incidents in Louisiana have ended with a total of five fatalities, with one suspect blamed for all the murders.

According to initial information released by authorities, Dakota Theriot, aged 21, was on the run after committing the horrific acts.

He was arrested in Virginia on Sunday afternoon. He had driven to his grandmother's house.

The first shootings were investigated after a report of a domestic incident on Saturday.

Officers located two bodies at one scene, belonging to Dakota’s parents. Both were aged 51 at the time of their deaths.

Three more deaths occurred nearby, again blamed on Dakota. These were the first three victims -- one woman, his supposed girlfriend, her father, and brother.

Reports indicate that the man had had a falling out with his parents after being asked to move out of their home permanently.

It is not clear exactly how the confrontation unfolded, but that was apparently one of the main arguments between the two parties shortly before the shootings occurred.

At first, authorities had not been able to confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that the two shooting incidents were related, but they always investigated them under these assumptions and followed leads in that direction.

At that time, reports indicate that detectives were actively trying to exhaust all possibilities before jumping to that conclusion, although many signs were pointing in that direction.

Authorities have been relatively quiet on the incident, which is understandable given its sensitive nature and the fact that the shooter was only captured a few hours ago.

Citizens had been warned that he was armed and dangerous, and could have been prone to further violent attacks.

Anyone with information about Theriot was encouraged to step forward and assist the investigators.

Kim Mincks and Jacob Chastant, who knew the Theriots, told the media: "They said something terrible happened here. 'Get up, get dressed and walk outside. We know he had a drug problem. He got kicked out last Monday because of the drug problem. His dad kicked him out of here. He did have a violent streak."

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