Ludwig Ahgren breaks Twitch subscription record after 31-day stint


After streaming on Twitch non-prevent for 31 consecutive days, Ludwig Ahgren has damaged the internet site's report for having the most paying subscribers.

on the time of writing, he had 282,847 and the wide variety remains hiking.

The previous file turned into set in 2018, when Tyler "Ninja" Blevins collected 269,154 subscribers.

Ninja tweeted his congratulations to twenty-five-year-antique Ludwig, announcing "facts are supposed to be broken".

Video video games website Kotaku described the accomplishment as a "heck of a record". The 1/3-highest wide variety of subscriptions peaked at 114,387 - a protracted way at the back of Ludwig and Ninja's records.

Twitch offers three ranges of paid subscriptions - and a portion is going to the content material creators themselves. It is not yet clear how a great deal money Ludwig has made.

The success may have helped boost each his profile and that of the Amazon-owned video-streaming platform.


on the begin of the "subathon" (short for subscription marathon) every new subscription introduced 10 seconds to Ludwig's stream.

He initially concept he could move for twenty-four to forty eight hours, according to the the big apple times, but as the remember grew, so did the length of his livestream.

One month later and probable with out a lead to sight, he stopped streaming on Tuesday night.

n a tweet, Ludwig positioned into attitude simply how lengthy a month can be by means of highlighting some of the massive information tales that had passed off in the course of his stint.

Ludwig or his moderators could play films or films if he became showering or the usage of the bathroom.

On his very last day of streaming, he donated $5 (£3.60) from every new subscription to charity. It isn't always yet known how a good deal he had raised.

Ludwig joked he could be "swimming in" coins, and had stated: "let's try to donate as lots cash as feasible today."

but the subscription document isn't the best thing Ludwig broke.

He and his buddies took turns destroying the plastic sports activities automobile mattress frame within the final hours of the livestream.

They used a baseball bat and sledgehammer before in the end tossing the pieces over the edge of his porch.