Luisito Comunica denounced that he suffered an attempted robbery during the LGTBQ + march.

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The influencer reported the event on his social networks.

Content creator Luisito Comunica reported being the victim of an attempted robbery during the LGBTQ + march yesterday in Mexico City.

As he related from his official Instagram account, the influencer recorded some stories of the massive event to share with his followers. He felt they wanted to take his cell phone out of his pocket. Immediately afterward, some present helped him.

"They wanted to rob me there in the middle of the event, in full swing," he denounced. "Many people surround you, and I started to feel like someone was slipping my phone (from my pocket). I turn around and see a hand clearly 'like this", he narrated about an individual who tried to strip him of the electronic device.

"I quickly turn around and see the carnal like this behind my back. So obviously, I alerted people. "As he said, once he became aware of the attempted robbery, Luisito began to warn passersby about the robbery and began to warn that "This 'wey' is stealing phones. Thief, Thief!".

"And still the 'wey' like that he got very aggressive," Luisito continued, adding that the alleged Thief began to yell at him. Finally, however, the content creator received help from his companions and the same people who noticed what happened.

"Already the same people began to say 'No, now, let Luisito walk.' And already among the same people, they took me out of there. It was like, 'okay, I think it's a sign of leaving the march, "explained Luisito, who after this attempted robbery decided to withdraw from the event.

"But very well, the net. The event was very nice, very happy. It is very nice to see so many people gathered, raising their voices. Many people, indeed. It was a very big, very beautiful event", he concluded about the altercation.

Luisito against homophobia

On the other hand, as part of the celebration of the International LGBTQ + Pride Day, Luisito shared a series of photographs during the march in Mexico City. However, he received a series of comments that he called homophobically.

From Instagram, Luisito shared some snapshots of the event in which hundreds of people gathered to celebrate. However, the photographs were not well received by some of his followers: "Mexico, get ready. With the wrath of God. From today I stop following you on Instagram and YouTube", wrote a user of the social network.

"Noooo, I dropped an idol," finished other fans. "This instead of being a pride in a dishonor to God, they make him suffer for all the abominations they have created," said another user.

Before these comments in his publication, Luisito reacted and sent a forceful response: "What an impression, what a disappointment to read the comments in the publication. A lot of homophobia, it's very sad, "he began in a clip that he shared through his stories.

"It's very sad to see this; I don't know whether to laugh or be disappointed to see this kind of thing. I'll just tell you something: open your minds. They need a lot of the world. The world is a very, very diverse place. It is very crazy to see how these mentalities are very latent; they are very much among us".

"And this (the comments) is just a sample of it. Yes, these types of events must be held", concluded Luisito, who also took on the task of sharing some messages he received on his social networks throughout the day yesterday.