MacKenzie Scott donated $40 million to Miami Public University.


As part of their latest round of multi-million dollar donations, the ex-wife of the Amazon CEO chose Florida International University to receive money that they will be able to use without restrictions.

Among MacKenzie Scott's multi-million dollar donations, $ 40 million goes to Miami Public University. The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has donated a total of $ 110 million to institutions of higher learning in the state of Florida.

MacKenzie Scott has become America's leading philanthropist. The ex-wife of the richest man in the United States, Jeff Bezos, has a personal fortune of approximately 60 billion dollars. She has already donated about 8 billion.

In the latest round of donations announced this week, Scott reported that it would deliver $ 2.7 billion to be distributed among 286 organizations. And several of them were surprised when they found out they were on the favored list.

Such was the case of Florida International University (FIU) authorities, the public higher education center located in Miami Dade County, in the south of the state.

FIU will be receiving a $ 40 million donation from Scott. It is the second-largest donation in the 56-year history of the educational institution, surpassed only in 1997 by donating objects and constructing a building, all valued at 75 million dollars, from Mitchel Wolfson.

While the news is new, FIU already knows where it will invest these newly acquired millions. The 40 million will go to the 750 million dollar fund for the New Horizons campaign, which promotes social mobility for students with lower purchasing power. FIU has a student body of 55,000 students, making it one of the largest public universities in the country.

Scott is considered the third richest woman globally, and her donations have been primarily intended to empower women and girls, combat racial differences, and support art. It is assumed that FIU was chosen for this donation because of the large number of minority students who attend that university.

In addition, Scott is donating another $ 40 million to the University of Central Florida, located in Orlando, which with 70,000 students, is the leading university in the state.

"We are honored that Ms. Scott and Mr. Jewett place their trust in the University of Central Florida. Your gift validates the work our teachers and staff do to support students. We are grateful for this donation that will ensure an impact on future generations of students," stated in a statement Alexander Cartwright, president of the university, mentioning Dan Jewett, husband of MacKenzie Scott. This donation is the highest all-time ever received by this university.

Another $ 30 million is going to Broward College, a college for college in South Florida.

Beyond the impressive sum, what is striking is that these donations to the three houses of study in Florida come without restrictions; that is, the authorities of the universities can allocate the money for whatever they want. Donations usually come with specific directions about where or how the money should be invested.