Macron on vaccination: Europe "was wrong to lack ambition," "madness.

source: sortiraparis

In an interview with Nikos Aliagas broadcast by Greek television, Emmanuel Macron mentioned the vaccination against Covid-19. It acknowledged that on this subject, Europe "is a bit of a diesel."

 On the vaccination campaign against the Covid-19, Europe "is a bit of a diesel," which "starts slowly" but "goes far," estimated the French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday by a television Greek in an interview with Nikos Aliaga's broadcast. "We are catching up. We are a bit of diesel. We can no longer talk too much these days about these engines, but it starts slowly. The head of state said It goes far, questioned the ERT channel on the bicentenary event bicentenary.

For solidarity so we have a lot to do to plan for the future; the European Union has filed 2.5 billion doses. By the second half of the year, for the world, we will be the place that will provide the most vaccines. 

The United States "had more ambition than us.

When asked about the slow start of the vaccination campaign, Emmanuel Macron did not think it would go away so quickly. in the summer of 2020; the Americans had merit. We kept the package, and we left," he said. And so they have more vaccines, they said. They had more ambition than us. According to him, whatever the cost of conducting measures, they applied it to vaccines and research. We weren't strong enough on this and quick enough. That's exactly right, and we thought the vaccine would take time. And similarly, we may have imagined fewer stars than some of the others. And I guess that should be a lesson for us. We were wrong to lack ambition. I was going to say madly, to say: ' it is possible and we are going. ' We are perhaps too rational, "he said.

Emmanuel Macron also supports the importance of genuine European vaccinations and clear principles in the European region. We can reopen this summer with the establishment of the EU-discussed health certificate.

Due to a health dilemma, Emmanuel Macron withdrew his participation in the bicentenary celebrations of Greek independence in Athens on Thursday. According to him, France is associated with independence and European adventure. Three-and-a-half years after his speech on Europe on in Athens Pnyx hill, the head of state showed he would make suggestions for Europe's future in the second half of 2022, with the idea of French President of the European Union.