Man Enters Walmart In Missouri With Loaded Firearm—Reportedly Covered In Body Armor

source: Flickr

Yet another possible mass shooting scare happened yesterday this time in a Walmart in Springfield, MO, alarming customers after back to back shootings happened last week shocking the entire nation. A man reported covered in body armor, carrying a rifle loaded with 100 rounds of ammunition, was said to have walked into the Walmart store.

The national forum on the subject of gun safety law was once again brought to the forefront of every politicians talking points after two mass shootings occurred on Saturday. At a Walmart store in the city of El Paso, TX, right on the border of the US and Mexico, 22 people lost their lives. Hours later, another shooting occurred in Dayton, Ohio, leaving nine people dead, including the shooter.

Although it is still unclear what the individual's actual motives were, according to Springfield law enforcement, it has been confirmed that no actual shots were fired. In a statement issued, officials said: "An armed white male in his twenties was detained by an armed, off-duty fireman until officers arrived on the scene and took the suspect into custody."

The individual was reported as having been arrested after having walked out of the Walmart store with his weapon. The incident itself was reported to have occurred at around 4 pm in southwest Springfield, MO. Also included in the statement was that investigators were not sure if the man had made any threats during the incident, or even committed a known crime.

 Investigators stated they would investigate the individual's social media accounts in an attempt to determine if there was indeed an intended threat. The suspect's identity, as of this writing, has yet to be released, and there has been no information forthcoming that any charges have been made, however.

The working hypothesis is that the individual in question had planned on creating chaos. Even so, investigators stated to the Springfield News-Leader newspaper they are still working diligently on trying to determine the individuals' actual motive if he did indeed have one. Police officials on the scene of the incident stated to the media: "It was a really scary, dangerous situation." Missouri is one of the states that it is legal to openly carry a firearm, and not have to provide a special permit.

As for the shooting in Dayton, that shooters motives remain unclear. However, it has been reported that the gunman in the El Paso shooting earlier that day had posted an anti-immigrant screed on social media before the incident.

So, what's the verdict—you decide.

Is this what the current state of the world is coming to--a report at least once a week of another shooting?