Man Named Arnav Gupta, Who Set Himself In Front Of White House, Has Died -- Was There More To This Story?

The man, who set himself near the White House, has died and many people are still looking for answers. Was Arnav Gupta protesting or did he killed himself?

source: Instagram

A man named Arnav Gupta from Bethesda, Maryland set himself on fire close to the White House, and police officers managed to put out the fire pretty quickly.

There was an additional burning package close to the place where the incident took place, but it is not known what it contained and whether it was related to the situation in any way at all.

Investigations are still ongoing, with many people trying to figure out what happened.

Gupta died from his injuries, and this started a bunch of conspiracy theories online as some have decided that there is much more to the story and put the blame on the so-called Deep State that faked the whole thing.

One commenter stated: "Has the motive came out yet though? Last I heard they didn't say if it was actually an act of protest or just a suicide attempt."

Another person added: "Could also be faked to push some other psychotic narrative. Haven't looked into it much, but that seems to be the norm for all popular media outlets nowadays."

Do you think there is more to this story, yes or no?