Man To Sue Parents Over Not Asking Him If He Wanted To Be Born—Say What?

source: The Mirror

It seems that yet another story has surfaced that just seems to defy all levels of basic common sense.  Allow me to begin with pointing out the elephant in the room and ask—just what exactly is this world coming to? Just when you think you have heard the most ridiculous story, one that you would never in your wildest dreams believe actually be true, along it comes and in fact is a reality.

Raphael Samuel, an Indian residing in New Delhi, has stated that he plans to sue his parents.  No, it is not because they do not get alone—to the contrary, he admits to having a good relationship with them.  The reason he is suing them is that they did not ask his prior consent to bring him into the world.  

Really? No…really?

Yes, unfortunately, he really is.

Samuel, 27 years old, takes the view that children are not to be considered indebted to their parents for any reason.  In fact, he believes that mother and fathers should be required to give their children "an explanation as to why they gave birth to you."  Samuels went on to add "I want to tell all Indian kids they don't owe their parents anything."

Samuels emphasizes that he loves his parents and that he and they have a wonderful relationship.  However, in his opinion, they had him for their own joy and pleasure, without any consideration as to how he would feel about it.  Although he is also quick to admit that he believes his own life to have been amazing, he can't see the need to put another life through the ups and downs of this world, especially if the individual never asked to exist in the first place.

Now, believe it or not, there is a term for what Samuels is saying.  The word is "anti-natalism."  Basically, it calls to the notion that children should not be forced to exist, or be born, just at what is considered the expense of the planet.  Samuel himself has even compared the act of childbearing to the criminal laws of both kidnapping and slavery.

It has been reported that Samuel has a Facebook page, titled "Nihilanand," sporting a current following of 800 individuals. The posts on the site include memes and videos that take the view of allowing the dying out of the human race.  Two recent videos posted to the page included titles such as "Infertile is SEXY!!" and "Don't respect your parents, unless you want to."

So, what's the verdict—you decide.

Should adult children be able to sue their parents for giving them life?