Mark Hamill Believes Star Wars Has Caused A Form Of Fatigue—Feels The Creators Need To Take Notice.

Although he states he is not giving up his role, Mark Hamill goes on to admit there is a form of fatigue associated with the Star Wars franchise.

source: The Verge

If you are a Star Wars fan and are admittedly fearful that you may be becoming tired of the whole franchise, rest assured your not the only one.  Even the actors themselves are having the same fear—namely Mark Hamill.

Known worldwide as the galactic hero Luke Skywalker, Hamill has appeared in five of the eleven films in the franchise to date.  As a result, he can sympathize that the heyday of the Star Wars story may have indeed passed, but in the same vein that doesn't mean he is making any future plans of stepping down from his role.

During an appearance on a podcast, Awards Chatter, by The Hollywood Reporter, Hamill spoke on the topic of a possible "Star Wars" fatigue existing.  He does, in fact, believe that this condition does exist, so much so that he spoke with the powers that be in the franchise.  So far, he stated, they have not listened to his warnings.

Hamill went on to state that “I’m not gonna tell them how to run their business, but is there a possibility of “Star Wars” fatigue?  Yeah, I think there is.  I’ve experienced it, to a certain degree.  But, they never listen to my ideas anyway, so who needs ‘em?”

The whole topic of possible fatigue with the franchise was broached when discussing the most recent entry "Solo: A Star Wars Story."  Unfortunately, this entry serves as the first disappointment thus far in the franchise, when it comes to box office totals.  The film had a production cost of approximately $250 million, as well as a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, with a box office return of roughly $393 million worldwide.  

If you were to ask fans of the “fatigue” that Hamill spoke of, the results would be mixed.  There are those fans that are so die-hard and dedicated, that the franchise could go on and on and they would be happy as clams.  Then there is the other side of fans, that although dedicated realize that all good things must and will eventually come to an end.  They are the ones that do not want a franchise continued for the sake of name only.  They are also the fans that would rather see a film franchise do out on a positive note, rather than be forced into discontinuation.

When J.J. Abrahams began his reviving trilogy, which started with "The Force Awakens," in 2015, a plan was set into motion.  A plan that laid out how the franchise would move forward—however, if certain installments didn't do well that same plan could be shaken up.  This is the case with the dismal results of "Solo."

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Does "Star Wars" fatigue actually exist as Hamill stated?  And if so, does it mean a sooner rather than a later end to the franchise?