Mark Meadows is suing the January 6 committee after the panel's contempt procedures

Former President Donald Trump is refusing to cooperate with the committee, postponing an earlier decision to negotiate.


Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows filed a lawsuit against a House committee investigating the January 6 attacks on U.S. Capitol a few hours later the group said it planned to move forward with defamatory measures.

In a lawsuit filed by a January 6 committee member and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. without legal authority.

“Congress has no independent power to issue subpoenaes. Instead, its investigative power is in line with its legal mandate, ”the case said. "Because of this obligation between investigative and legislative powers, Congress may issue subpoenas that serve the legal purpose of the law."

Meadows said he initially believed the committee would "act honestly" and made him voluntarily testify on issues "outside the scope of administration" but Verizon Wireless "blinded" him with a letter this month saying he was in favor of a summons. from the panel to provide his personal phone records.

Verizon has indicated it will comply with the summons, requesting telephone records from October 2020 to Jan. 31, unless he receives “a court order against the summons on December 15, 2021,” according to the lawsuit.

Verizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meadows opened a case after the committee said it would continue to undermine the court due to Meadows' decision not to deal with its appeal.

Committee Chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., Responded to the case with a joint statement with Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., Describes it as a delay strategy.

“Mr. Meadows' flawed case will not succeed in postponing the Select Committee investigation or preventing us from getting the information we need, "said two lawyers. Meadows insulted the ANC and referred him to the Department of Justice for prosecution."

The other day, Thompson wrote in a letter to Meadows' attorney, George Terwilliger III, that the committee “has no choice but to improve the trial and recommend that the body be. ”

Meadows represented North Carolina at the House from 2013 until March 2020. He was scheduled to be appointed on Wednesday but did not turn up.

Thompson said in Tuesday's letter "there is no legal basis" for Meadows' refusal to cooperate and answer questions about documents he has already provided to lawmakers. He said the records included "text messages with a member of Congress who were openly in favor of electing other voters in certain provinces as part of a plan that the member admitted would be" a major controversy "in which Mr. it. '”

"They also demonstrated the January 2021 text exchange between Meadows and the organizer of the January 6 'Stop the Steal' meeting in the White House Ellipse and messages about the need for former President Donald Trump to issue a public statement stating that he had stopped the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol," Thompson wrote.

Thompson said the committee has repeatedly tried to identify which topics Meadows believes are protected by a major right but Terwilliger or Meadows "does not provide details in any way." He said he gave Meadows a chance to do so and asked how he could get the papers out but then decided not to come out to answer questions about them.

Thompson also doubted Meadows' release of a letter he wrote in Jan. 6 but “denied the congressional committee the opportunity to ask him about the attack on our Capitol.” That "marks the historical contempt and cruelty of Congress," writes Thompson.

Meadows said earlier Tuesday he would no longer cooperate with the committee, prompting the team to threaten with contempt.

The committee voted last week to move forward with a move to bring Trump Department of Justice Justice Jeffrey Clark to justice for insulting Congress while giving him another chance to testify.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon faces two counts of contempt of Congress after the House of Appeals filed a lawsuit against him for refusing to co-operate with a January 6 committee. The judge has set a July trial date.