Mark Zuckerberg announced changes for small businesses on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.


The CEO of Facebook reported on new updates to the business tools on these social networks.

During the epidemic, social networks became an ally of small and medium-sized businesses around the world. The economic crisis generated by covid-19 made several businesses close due to the quarantines established by different governments around the world. However, many of these startups opted for virtual sales and social media as the main source of exposure for their products.

For this reason, during the last year and a half, platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have updated their software in various opportunities and ways to improve sales tools and thus offer better support to merchants on the web.

In the last hours, some changes were known that these social networks would undergo to improve the service to users who have a livelihood in their virtual businesses.

Through a post on Facebook, the CEO of this company, Mark Zuckerberg, assured that new commercial features would soon arrive "to support businesses around the world and make the purchase process easier."


In the case of WhatsApp, Zuckerberg announced the launch of Shops, simulating the tool launched in 2020 on Facebook and which will bring with it new options for the messaging app to have its own "department store."

"Soon, you will be able to see a store on WhatsApp so that you can start a conversation with a business before buying a product," said the 'genius' of the web. In addition, he added that people or businesses that want to be part of Shops would be able to do so easily through the app.


For the app "of the photos," Zuckerberg said to have almost ready the visual search of Instagram (Instagram Visual Search), which, as it works with Google Lens, will take any image that the user provides to the platform and will look for similar products.

According to him, Instagram Visual Search "helps you discover products based on images that inspire you." He joked about the use of this tool, assuring that he will use it in the search for "more gray t-shirts," which turns out to be one of your favorite clothes.


For its part, the MarketPlace tool will be strengthened on Facebook by improving the "Shops" option, especially for advertisers.

"We will launch new ads to personalize the shopping experience for people and that they have a ready-made collection of products (1) More than 1 billion people use the marketplace every month, which is why we will make it easier for businesses to have their stores so they can reach a greater number of people," Mark Zuckerberg announced.

In this way, SMEs will have an accolade, amid the circumstances that the world lives, by an ally that thinks about the growth of small businesses with the help of virtuality.

Commerce has been a part of Facebook's DNA for years, with brands using personalized ads to reach consumers. Last year, when COVID-19 forced physical stores to close, we accelerated the launch of Shops to help businesses sell online. We believe that the shift towards online shopping that prioritizes social issues is not temporary", they indicated from Facebook.