Martha McSally Says She Was Raped By Air Force Superior -- Can The Arizona Senator Bring The Issue To A Wider Audience?

Arizona Senator Martha McSally has shocked the country after she revealed that a former superior raped her while she was part of Air Force. Can she help others?

Martha McSally Says She Was Raped By Air Force Superior -- Can The Arizona Senator Bring The Issue To A Wider Audience?488
source: The Wall Street Journal

Senator Martha McSally has revealed that she had suffered a sexual assault during her time in the Air Force and that her attacker was a fellow officer with a higher rank than her own.

This is the first time that McSally has brought these accusations to light, and she decided to reveal her story during a Senate hearing regarding sexual assault in the military.

When questioned why she took so long to make the incident public, McSally explained that she had no trust in the system to do its job back when the assault happened.

She believed that the incident would get swept under the rug, or worse that she might face repercussions in her own career.

She reiterated that during her career, she had personally witnessed multiple incidents involving poor handling of sexual assault cases.

The Arizona Senator explained: "My drive to fight against sexual assault in the ranks is not from the outside looking in. And it is deeply personal."

She added: "I am so inspired by the many survivors who found the strength to share their stories, report their assaults, and demand accountability, justice, and change. It is because of you that a light has been shined on this silent epidemic and so many improvements have been made—including more than 100 legislative actions over the last decade—on all aspects of military sexual assault."

This has contributed strongly to her negative perception of the system’s effectiveness and turned her off from reporting her own incident.

While some have criticized McSally for taking so long to talk about what happened to her, others have expressed support for the Republican politician and have commended her for deciding to go public with that issue.

Sexual assault is being treated in a much different manner today compared to some decades ago, and it is good to see that there is a lot of active discussion on the subject on many different fronts.

Hopefully, McSally’s revelation is going to bring some much-needed attention to the field and might have a positive effect for others.

Do you agree or disagree that McSally's statement could change the landscape for the issue?