Marvel Studios Sets Its Sights On The Small Screen—With The Help Of Disney

source: Tracy Few

If one were to believe the rumors, it would appear that Marvel Studios and Disney+ are going lock, stock, and barrel as Marvel prepares to launch several new series for the house of mouse.  With the recent acquiring of Marvel Studios by Disney Studios, the proposed series will now have a rumored working production budget of $100 million—each.

It has already been confirmed that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will be running the projects and that the MCU-TV (as they are referring to it) series will be studio-budget.  It has been reported that the new series may feature both villains and heroes of the MCU, including Tom Hiddleston’s Loki (which was confirmed last month); Elizabeth Olson’s Scarlet Witch; and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. 

Even though each of these characters may never see themselves getting their story told on the big screen, it will be told nonetheless.  There is speculation that these may not be the only characters stories told as if all goes well Feige and Disney make take the opportunity to introduce other MCU characters yet unseen on either the big or small screen.

Rumors also seem to be swirling about of the possibility of several series that will team up various MCU characters.  It is suspected that Marvel is using Empire writer Malcolm Spellman to pen a possible Falcon/Winter Soldier team up, as well the possibility of Jac Schaeffer penning a Vision/Scarlet Witch series. 

The new Disney streaming service is shooting for a launch in the US later this year, the company is prioritizing an international rollout to be done first.  Disney anticipates that if their acquisition of Fox goes through as planned, they will have enough gravitas to compete with other online streaming services such as Netflix—as well as their own service offering a massive amount of original, self-produced content.

Disney has already shown that they are more than willing, and capable, of putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to setting budgets for projects they want and believe in—such as The Mandalorian.  Now, they are looking to their next step in production, as they take on the MCU and possibly ride the wave of the Marvel Studios current popularity.  Although the future of the MCU is unknown at this time, as Feige and crew have not offered any details on their Phase Four, we can rest assured that some of the characters will live on through the small screen.  Marvel is said to be the big kahuna of the cinematic universe, and now it seems they are setting their sights on obtaining the same title through the small screen—with the help of the Mouse himself.

Will the MCU stories play out as well on the small screen as they have the big?