McConaughey’s “Serenity” Flops At The Box Office—Hollywood Worried About Low Ticket Sales

source: Tracy Few

There are certain actors that fans, and Hollywood, pretty much consider bankable.  Matthew McConaughey used to be one of those major players.  I say used to be because his most recent film, “Serenity”, flopped worse than a fish out of water.

For a while now, it was thought that maybe either his choice in acting gigs was poorly thought out, or that just simply put, his acting style no longer seems to resonate with moviegoers.  With the release of his latest entry into the film world, “Serenity”, it would seem that the fans preferred the artistic interpretation of Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, and Samuel L Jackson in “Glass”, as well as Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston in “The Upside” ,to that of McConaughey’s in “Serenity”.

Shyamalan’s third entry into what now has been shown to actually be a three-part franchise, was the big winner yet again this weekend. The sequel to both “Unbreakable” and “Split” is reported to have made an estimated $19 millions, as was reported Sunday.  In just ten days in the theaters, a movie that Shyamalan financed himself has garnered an estimated whopping total of $73.6 million in just the United States alone, with another estimated $162.7 million worldwide.

It is highly possible that the failure of “Serenity” to produce at the box office could very well be laid solely at the feet of its harsh critics.  Although the movie itself was not one packed with a lot of action, in that it is about a fishing boat captain on an island, it received a dismal twenty-three fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and it seems fans agree because the average rating was a D+ according to CinemaScore.

Even though the film itself is said to have cost about $25 million to produce, no one can deny it was probably one of the worst opening wide-release debuts in McConaughey’s career, following closely behind “Gold” and “Larger Than Life”.  This is not to mention an all-time professional low for co-star Anne Hathaway.

To be honest, it wasn’t just McConaughey that tanked, as the weekend as a whole was very disappointing, even though January is generally accepted as being the least popular of months to release a movie.  However, when looking back on the same weekend last year, overall ticket sales were down a whopping thirty percent.  Although 2018 has proven to be a record year at the box office, it would seem 2019 may be getting off to a snail's pace

Could it be that Hollywood has very little to offer that movie-goers want to actually pay to see?