Meghan McCain Speaks Out Against Donald Trump For Criticizing Her Late Father, John -- The Disdain Is Real On Both Sides

Senator John McCain's daughter, Meghan, is not afraid to take on the president and the feud is not slowing down. Donald Trump thinks the fight is good for him.

Meghan McCain Speaks Out Against Donald Trump For Criticizing Her Late Father, John -- The Disdain Is Real On Both Sides576

Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump has been very vocal in his criticism towards late Arizona Senator John McCain.

Trump has taken his time to point out many details that he perceived as flaws in McCain’s character, ignoring the fact that the 2008 Republican nominee for president was no longer around to defend his position.

Many were critical towards Trump for his attitude, and it did not take long for the comments to start pouring in. A recent scathing response came from none other than Meghan McCain, the war's hero’s daughter.

According to her, John McCain was a major problem for Trump while he was alive, and the president saw him as a potential threat.

She went as far as to describe her father as “Trump’s kryptonite.” She then added that Trump felt so threatened by McCain, that even the senator’s death did not calm him down.

That’s the reason Trump has been posting all these comments lately from Meghan’s point of view.

The TV personality stated: "He spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it, and I know it, and all of you know it, he will never be a great man. My father was his kryptonite in life. He was his kryptonite in death."

Meghan then shifted her attention to Trump’s family. She expressed her sympathy for those around the president, claiming that it must be difficult to live with a father like that, and explaining that she genuinely felt bad for other Trumps.

She also stated: "That tells you everything you need to know about his pathetic life right now. I genuinely feel bad for his family. I can't imagine having a father that does this on the weekends."

Some have pointed out that Trump’s attacks on McCain have also included various incorrect facts, such as his claim that the late senator was “last in his class.”

However, this is far from the first time Trump has made factually wrong comments, and this incident was of little surprise to anyone observing the situation.

Do you think the McCain family is wrong or right to engage Trump on this field?