Megyn Kelly Attacks Sarah Silverman Over Foul Language In Donald Trump Tweet -- Was This A Publicity Stunt?

Megyn Kelly decided to pick a fight with Sarah Silverman over President Donald Trump. Was it a stunt to grab headlines? Did the comedian go too far?


Megyn Kelly picked a virtual catfight with famous comedian Sarah Silverman on social media. 

The former anchor from NBC was angered by a Silverman’s recent and provocative activity on Twitter. 

It all started with the comedian making fun of President Donald Trump who shared his thoughts on global warming and Senator Amy Klobuchar’s announcement that she was going to participate in the next presidential election.

The president jokingly compared the senator to a “Snowman(woman)” after Klobuchar announced her candidacy for president while standing in the falling snow. 

Klobuchar also used the opportunity to talk about the risks of global warming.

Silverman expressed her disagreement with Trump’s post by using some quite vulgar language in her response. 

As a result, Kelly commented on Silverman’s choice of words by tweeting: “This woman wants to star in children’s movies produced by Disney. (And just did, in Ralph Breaks the Internet)”. 

The comedian did not leave the ex-TV anchor’s words unanswered, as she fought back with three posts. 

In the first one, the 48-year-old agreed that she was indeed very explicit when it comes to discussing politics and she also truly loved voicing characters in movies for children. 

Silverman noted that even though it was easier for people to be just one thing, nobody was, including Kelly herself. 

The standup comedian finished by saying that each person had multiple sides; she thought that was okay and ended her tweet with “Peace Ma.”

Secondly, Silverman stated that she was offended by a national leader who did not believe what most of the scientists were saying, while only bothering with building a wall at the American-Mexican border. 

Finally, the comedian finished by announcing the arrival of “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” which was earlier commented by Kelly, on digital format. 

Actress Olivia Wilde put out a message to defend the comedian, and it read: "'This woman' happens to be a brilliant, (expletive) feminist with more curiosity and compassion than most of us combined, and I can only hope my kids grow up to be like her."

Was Silverman out of line with her tweet? Is it surprising for Kelly to be defending Trump? Was she trying to grab headlines?