Members of Congress in the US will present law in favor of Britney Spears.


The project seeks to facilitate that the people under guardianship can request the removal of a guardian and replace him with another family member, public employee, or private professional.

Two congressmen in the United States presented a bill on Tuesday that aims to facilitate changes in the legal guardianship of singer Britney Spears. The project, promoted by a representative of the Republican Party and the other of the Democrats, also seeks to favor other people who have conflicts with their representatives.

The initiative, which gives an example of the singer's case, is called "freedom and right to emancipate from exploitation act," which response to the FREE Act for its acronym in English, a nod to the #FreeBritney movement.

Charlie Crust (Florida), a Democratic congressman who promotes the project with Republican Nancy, said that through the Free Act, we will liberate Britney with countless elderly people and people with disabilities who have been exploited and exploited by the broken system. Mace (South Carolina).

The law would allow the people under guardianship to request the removal of a guardian and replace him with another relative, public employee, or private professional.

Currently, those affected by legal guardianship have to prove that abuse or fraud has been perpetrated to achieve substantial changes, something difficult since the design of the legal mechanism itself reduces their powers. In addition, they must be represented at all times by a designated lawyer by the courts.

We want to make sure we include transparency and accountability in the crown process. Patronage of Britney Spears is a nightmare. Macy's added that if it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone.

The bill is not the only indication of US policy in the case of Britney.

A group of Republican lawmakers in the United States invited the singer a few weeks ago to testify before Congress to explain the legal battle she is waging against her father, Jamie Spears, for the guardianship that has controlled all aspects of her life 13 years.

The Spears case has won the sympathy of Republicans because, in their view, the group imposed on the artist violates some of the most important fundamental principles of its ideology, such as individuality, freedom, and independence from the state.

But some Democrats have expressed solidarity with the "poison" spokesman.

For example, Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bob Casey asked Health Secretary Xavier Becerra and Attorney General Merrick Garland for more information on the legal figure that allows Britney's father to control the artist's estate. , valued at $ 60 million.

Regarding Britney's legal battle, the Los Angeles Superior Court last week allowed her to choose her lawyer as a notable example of patronage following the resignations of her former lawyer, her artistic representative, and a fundraiser. An investment that controlled his wealth.


This week, in a furious post on her Instagram account, 39-year-old singer Britney Spears announced over the weekend that she would not take to the stage as long as her father continues to control all aspects of her life, as he has done for the past few years. 13 years.

"I have been pleading with the Los Angeles judge for several weeks for the release of my father, Jamie, who has been pleading with the Los Angeles judge for several weeks," wrote Spears. Managed it to Increase worldwide interest in your case.

The princess of pop" posted an image that read the message: "Accept me for what I am or kiss my ass." Along with the idea, Spears made a lengthy statement in which she responded to the criticism that some videos had received in which she appeared dancing. For the critics of the videos in which I dance ... Look, I won't be performing at any stage soon until my dad decides what I will wear, say, or think Will !!! ! I've already done this for the last 13 years, started as an artist.

He also confirmed that he prefers to dance in his room rather than on a stage in Las Vegas, where people are so "out there" that they can't even shake hands. And he added, "I won't do too much make-up and rehearsal, rehearsal, and rehearsal with the old mix of my songs, and I'm asking them to put on their new music." A show for my followers. ... so I quit !!!!