Messi's almost perfect computer: the numbers that prove that he is the great figure of the Copa América.


Data that solve the performance of the Argentine captain who shines at 34 years old. He is the top scorer of the tournament, continues to break records, and is close to another final with the Senior team.

The Copa América that Lionel Messi is doing is outstanding. The Argentine captain's performance shines on play with his talent and goals, where he is the top scorer. But there are other data on the green grass that confirm why it is the best in the world and how much it affects the performance of the selected team, beyond the renewal of players since Lionel Scaloni as a coach, began the World Cup in Russia of 2018.

At 34, Leo shows his maturity, and far from speculating with the number of minutes on the court, he did not want to lose any game since the activity of the national team was restarted despite the coach's requests to protect him once the classification to the quarterfinals of the Copa América after the victory of Paraguay, in the third match of the group stage.

But Leo always wants to be there, and in the Copa América, he has 450 minutes on the field of play. In the South American tournament that takes place in Brazil, he played five games in 19 days, an average of one every almost four days, something very remarkable for his age and considering that he comes from a season full of commitments with Barcelona, ​​where he has not yet renewed his contract.

If you add the two qualifying matches for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, there are 7 in 30 days, since the first was against Chile on June 3 in Santiago del Estero. And suppose they adhere to the next of the semifinals and the eventual final of the Copa América. In that case, it will be 9 in 37 days.

While the Twitter account Sudanalytics, which is responsible for collecting data on South American football, provided a statistic with Rosario's numbers in his sixth Copa América (he played those of 2007, 2011, 2015, 2016, and 2019), and then of the first round and the matches for the quarterfinals in the current edition, Leo appears:

-1º in goals (4).

-1º in assists (2).

-1º in shots (15).

-2º in dribbles completed (31).

-2º in offensive duels won (58).

He was also the best in the group stage: progressive drives (24) and successful offensive actions (39).

In the last game against Ecuador, where Argentina won 3-0 and reached the semifinals, they also topped the table in several opportunities created (7) and fouls received (3).

Another account of the aforementioned social network, Central Judge, reports that Messi participated in the ten goals of Argentina in this Copa América and confirms that he is the maximum attendant of the tournament.

But there is more: the "10" was voted " Man of the match " in four of the five games he played.

While his goal with a free-kick against the Ecuadorians, beyond being another trademark of his left-handed glove, left him a milestone step in the region. He reached 76 goals with the Albiceleste jersey and is just one away from matching Pelé's mark and being, together with the Brazilian, the top two scorers for South American teams.

During the Copa América, he also surpassed two other historical records with the highest number of presences in the Senior team (149), where he exceeded Javier Mascherano (147). The highest scorer in official tournaments: he reached 42 and left Gabriel behind Omar Batistuta (38), no less.

It has been 16 years since Messi made his debut with the National Team, and from that moment, he became a standard. An essential piece in the various schools that it formed, and today it shows excellent validity. The coldness of the numbers confirms it, and he is only two games away from being able to get his first title with the Major. The next challenge will be this Tuesday in the clash against Colombia for the semifinals.

Leo Messi does not stop surprising. The passage of time does not seem to affect it, and it is a machine whose operation performs almost perfectly. How far Leo can go with statistics is an answer that only he has.