Mexico vs. South Africa: where and what time to see the replay of the match in Tokyo 2020


The Mexican team had their last group stage match at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Mexican national team of Jaime Lozano was the third duel in the men's qualifying tournament for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Therefore, Mexico had only two options, win to advance to the next stage or lose and say goodbye to the Olympic joust and the possibility of getting an Olympic medal.

After the decisive blow that the defeat against Japan caused them and that destabilized the work that Jimmy Lozano handled against France, his presentation against South Africa represented the hope of the Mexican fans to see them compete in the next stage, so the game against South Africa.

The game was played on the morning of this Wednesday, July 28, at 06:30. Due to the time difference between Japan and Mexico of almost 14 hours, the Mexican fans had to get up early to watch the competition; some even came to work sleepless to see the game.

However, a large part of the fans could not see the game live. Being one of the most outstanding participants in the Olympic Games, the different television stations will repeat the match.

On the part of TV Azteca, the game's repetition will be broadcast on Channel 7, while on Televisa, the replay will be on Channel 5. As they are open-channel televisions, the broadcasting times will be in the afternoon.

In addition, the Claro and Claro Sports brand platform also had live transmission, so the program was recorded on its YouTube page. So at any time, the participation of Mexicans in Tokyo 2020 can be revived.

How did Mexico get to face South Africa?

Jaime Lozano's team requires a good game against the South Africans to avoid that the pass depends heavily on the results of Japan against France, a group that beat the new rival of Mexico with a score of 4-3.

Mexico, France, Japan, and South Africa are part of "Group A" and those qualified for the quarterfinals would be facing " Group B," where there are multiple ties between South Korea, Honduras, New Zealand, and Romania, so it is still the name of the rival they would face in the next stage is uncertain.

Mexico will seek to sneak into the quarterfinals after their loss to Japan. According to MC, otherwise, Japan would have to beat France or get a draw for Mexico to stay in second place by several goals. On the other hand, if El Tri loses, the quarterfinals' qualifies will likely be South Africa unless Japan defeats France with less than two goals.

On July 25, Mexico lost against the Japanese squad in a long and tortuous match. To the beat of goals from Takefusa Kubo and Ritsu Doan in the first 12 minutes, Japan lowered the fumes to Mexico by beating them 2-1 on Sunday.

The resounding 4-1 victory significantly toned El Tri over France on the first date of the tournament. But they quickly blurred in Saitama.

Kubo took advantage of hesitation from the Mexican defense to overtake the hosts in the sixth minute. Six later, Doan converted a penalty. Finally, Roberto Alvarado discounted for Mexico in the 86th minute by converting a free-kick from the right-wing.

Mexico finished the game with ten men for the expulsion of central Johan Vásquez at 67.