Miami investigates Sunday's mass shooting as an act of domestic terrorism.


Following the shooting in northwest Miami-Dade County, which left two people dead and 21 injured, authorities looked for those who unleashed the violence. They revealed a surveillance video in which they are seen arriving at the scene.

The early hours of Sunday will go down in Miami-Dade history as one of the most violent in years. During an event to present a rap album, three men got out of a truck and opened fire on those present. From inside the event, they also responded with firearms. The result: two people injured and 21 injured, three of them seriously and another three who have already been discharged from hospitals in the area.

According to Alfredo Ramírez III, director of the Miami - Dade County Police, at a press conference Monday morning, the incident was probably due to a confrontation between rival gangs that began with rap songs in which they were cheating. Others, and climbed with posts on social networks.

This morning, the chief of police, the mayor of the county Daniella Levine Cava and other local authorities appeared in front of the press in front of the central police department to request the collaboration of the society to clarify the case.

Chief Ramirez said the firefights were aimed at some people, but at the same time, they hurt innocent people, who had nothing to do with the initial clash, which has devastated the entire family.

He added that the attackers were not eligible to be released.

The shooting took place in the El Mula party room. As can be seen in a surveillance video released by police today, the three-armed men with the raiding faces got out of the white Nissan Pathfinder truck in the parking lot of the establishment. According to officers, the men waited between 20 and 40 minutes before the firing began. He then fled in the same truck.

The police are asking for the public to collaborate in finding the attackers. They fear that, as in many of these cases, those who know what happened will be silenced for fear of being attacked or because of the code of silence that reigns in the streets.

"Think that you may be victims or your loved ones," Ramírez said to encourage those who have data to contact the police. In addition, the researchers explained that in this case -as in many lately-, the keys to what happened maybe in social networks. Police follow the digital trails of various local groups that operate like gangs.

In addition to the county police, the investigation involves the FBI and the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Millionaire Marcus Lemonis offered a $ 100,000 reward to anyone who provides information that helps clarify the case.

The father of one of the fatalities on Sunday, Clayton Dillard, interrupted the press conference shouting "you killed my son; you must burn." The police immediately took him inside the building, and Chief Ramírez excused himself by speaking of the pain of the families.

This is the pain that affects our community. You saw it in front of you. That is why we will all work together to bring justice to these families. We are going to bring them justice. Ramirez confirmed that our community is united.