Michelle Obama returns to politics and aims for this year's elections.

source: cnn.edition.com

Michelle Obama returns to politics and aims for this year's elections.

The former first lady will play a fundamental role in the upcoming midterm elections. His goal will be to register at least one million new Democratic voters.

Michelle Obama was always a key player in the political arena. Some even speculated that she would seek to be a candidate for the presidency after her husband's eight years in the White House, something that for the moment did not happen, although no one would dare to rule it out for the future. The truth is that for years, without even holding an elected public office, she was the Democrat with the most positive image in the country.

Last night, the former first lady published a letter in which she pledged, together with a coalition that works for voters' rights, to register more than one million new voters in the country before the mid-term elections in November. This year, where control of the two houses of Congress will be in dispute. It should be noted that in the United States, all citizens over 18 can vote, but to do so, they must be registered as voters; it is not an automatic question.

In the same letter, the Harvard University graduate lawyer indicates that in the coming months, they will also mobilize 100,000 Americans to contact the offices of their respective senators to demand that they vote on the voting system reform laws known as the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Both pieces of legislation are stuck in the Senate not only because of Republican opposition but because many moderate Democrats are not supporting them either.

The Biden administration has launched a campaign in favor of two laws, indicating that the Republican opposition is an effort to diminish the voter's rights in the country. The president will travel to Georgia this week (one of the most contested states in the nation) to advocate for the passage of these laws.

Experts indicate that expanding the universe of voters, without, for example, requiring an identity document from whoever is going to vote (as one of the laws proposes), could benefit the Democratic party. However, Michelle Obama was categorical in her defense of new federal legislation that would limit the power of states to decide on electoral laws.

"A year ago, we witnessed an unprecedented assault on our Capitol and our democracy. From Georgia to Florida to Iowa and Texas, states have made laws that make it harder for Americans to vote. Unfortunately, in other state legislatures, legislators have tried to do the same, "Obama said in the letter.

The plan expressed by Obama also indicates that his movement will hire "thousands of lawyers to protect voters in states where voting freedom is at risk."

Currently, the United States Senate is divided with 50 senators for each party (Vice President Kamala Harris is in a position to tie the tie), giving a slight advantage to the Democrats who, by controlling the White House, also preside over the upper house. In the midterm elections, either party has a chance to gain complete control of the Senate. Similarly, in the House of Representatives, the Democrats have control but with a minimal difference in the vote, and the situation can quickly change.

Several organizations support the former first lady's initiative, such as Vote.org, NAACP, and the National Urban League.