Mick Jagger’s Ex, Vanessa Neumann, Vows To Make Changes After Rocky Start As Juan Guaido's New Brit Envoy

Mick Jagger’s ex, Vanessa Neumann, a real expert in diplomacy, was hired as an envoy by the Brits to assist  Juan Guaido in his quest to oust Nicolás Maduro.

source: Instagram

Reports from Venezuela indicate that Juan Guaido, the current leader of the country's opposition who has been trying to climb to a position of leadership for some time now, has a new person on his side, an ex of Mick Jagger, Vanessa Neumann, as a personal envoy hired by the Brits. 

The leader has been putting serious work into building up his opposition and attempting to overthrow the current regime, and despite the poor conditions he and his followers have had to work with, they have been making some substantial progress.

Moreover, according to Neumann, this is a strange opportunity for her in her life, albeit one that she greatly appreciates, going as far as to describe the position as a dream job.

It is worth pointing out that the position is not yet an official diplomatic one, at least as far as the overall country of Venezuela goes. 

Because of the strained political situation in the nation, Neumann will have to wait a while until she is officially recognized on the global scene.

She did take the opportunity to joke about the situation though, and seems to be taking it all in humor, pointing out that she is a "start-up embassy." 

Many have responded positively to her attitude in this situation, claiming that she is the right choice to represent Guaido. 

Others have been more skeptical of the development, wondering what the leader might be up to in the near future. 

In any case, it does not seem like he has any plans to back down from his attempts to become the country's leader and pull it out of its wreckage.

However, one commenter pointed out: "If the Brittish government best envoy to Venezuela is Mick Jagger it's shameful. They the Brits can't even figure out their own internal problems with the Brexit fiasco."

A second person added: "Don't know who the public relations person or team is organizing the recent tabloid-style coverage but probably best to let them go. Hire someone who knows how to pitch."

The expert in diplomacy has listened to the critics and has decided to hire new staff.

Do you think she is the right person for the job, yes or no?