Microsoft announces "night mode" for Xbox night owls.


This will be the solution for those who play at night and are bothered by the lights that come with using the console so late.

Microsoft has revealed the new wave of news coming to Xbox with the latest update, and among them, there is a pretty striking one for night gamers. The "night mode" function allows players to adjust various elements of their console so that they are not annoying when using it when it is well into the night.

The customization options available through night mode include different dimming levels and an optional blue light filter. Among these dimming options, it will be possible to decrease the brightness of the LED on the controls while using this night mode and dim the light of the Xbox power button or even turn it off completely even if the console is still used.

The lighting changes will not occur in the peripherals, as part of this novelty will also be available the option to configure the automatic transition to the dark mode of the system and disable the HDR when the night mode is enabled so that the lighting of the screen itself doesn't be a hassle.

As part of these options will be the possibility of activating a blue light filter that, as its name implies, reduces the blue light emerging from the screen so that it maintains a natural color that is pleasing to the eye and does not cause insomnia due to high illumination. These filters have been used for a few generations of mobile devices, but this would possibly be the first time it has been seen on such a famous video game console.

The new night mode function can be activated at any time manually. However, setting a specific time for the changes to be made automatically at a predefined time will be possible. This option will be handy so that, for example, the model is activated in the total hours of dusk. Then it is already changed by the time dawn arrives.

In addition to night mode, users enrolled in the Xbox Insider initiative were able to learn more changes that will come with the update, such as solutions to problems with the internal narrator of the console, recognition of control in certain games, and installation errors that a few users have experienced.

One of the most striking details of the inclusion of this night mode is the possibility that, if it is well received among the platform's users, possibly the other consoles in the market will join the process and adopt the function on their own—operating systems. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, it could be pretty valuable considering the portable factor of the device in question. Moreover, it would make it quite similar to the functionality that current mobile devices have adapted.

This novelty will come with the new Xbox operating system update, XB_FLT_2109CO \ 22000.2139.210804-2200, which will be available for the Xbox One family consoles and also for the Xbox Series X | S as of August 6 for installation in entertainment systems.