Microsoft is interested in buying Discord for $ 10 billion

source: cnbc

According to various reports, Microsoft would be in talks to acquire the Discord platform, which provides interactive chat rooms that are mostly used to discuss video games.

What is Discord?

The Discord platform is a free chat service where rooms are created to discuss video games, either by messages, audios, and live video; This platform has grown exponentially since the pandemic began and has grown to about 100 million active users per month.

This has made Discord want to turn its platform into a place to talk, as if it were a WhatsApp-style messaging application, instead of just focusing on video game conversations.

Discord is holding talks with several companies for its potential sale, including Microsoft, which would have offered $ 10 billion to acquire the messaging service specialized in video games. However, it is more likely that it will end up going public.

According to data provided, Bloomberg has reported that the company intends to offer 10 billion dollars to buy Discord, according to sources familiar with the matter, a service that went from 70 million active users in December 2019 to 140 million a year later. By the company to TechCrunch.

According to CB Insights, the value of the company as of December 2020 was $ 7 billion.

Discord has been looking for potential buyers, but "there is no imminent deal," said the sources, who believe that the video calling community is more likely to go public soon.

Microsoft on the hunt

Microsoft tried to buy TikTok and Pinterest in the last year, a move that seeks to expand the company within user communities, sources close to the company have told Bloomberg; and the purchase by Xbox, a Microsoft brand, of ZeniMax Media confirms that the company wants to continue growing in the world of video games.

Thus, the acquisition of Discord could fit within the services offered by the Microsoft console: "Matthew Kanterman Bloomberg intelligence analyst said There is a great opportunity to group the 'premium' offer of Discord (Nitro) within Game Pass (Xbox) to gain more subscriptions.

According to Bloomberg sources, Discord has also had discussions about its possible purchase with Epic Games and Amazon.