Mike Weirsky Almost Lost His Mega Millions Jackpot As His Ex-Wife, Eileen Murray, Says Money Will Not Change Divorce

A surprising lottery win has a New Jersey man seeing the future differently after being unemployed for a long time. His ex-wife is not interested in returning.

Mike Weirsky Almost Lost His Mega Millions Jackpot As His Ex-Wife, Eileen Murray, Says Money Will Not Change Divorce495
source: WWAY

The massive amount of $273 million is not enough to get a wife to take back her husband.

Like the rest of the world, Eileen Murray recently discovered that Mike Weirsky was the lucky winner of the impressive Mega Millions jackpot of  $273 million.

 Murray was married to the unemployed New Jersey man for 15 years. They officially split in October of 2018 and weeks later, Weirsky became a multimillionaire.

Talking to local media, the ex-wife said Weirsky never worked while they were together and she was the one who paid all the bills.

Believe it or not, Murray is still paying spousal support to the ex-husband.
Murray went on to reveal that she has morals and principles and she does not was her former spouse back in her life.

She confessed: “He’s not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money.”  
She went on to say this:  “I’m not going after anything. I have morals. I know what I’ve worked for and it’s everything that I have.”  

 Murray, a cost analyst for a utility company, said she has not contacted her former spouse and has no desire to.

 Weirsky has announced that he will collect the lump sum of $162.5 million after taxes.

 While Murray will not ask for a dime, she is hoping her ex will have a heart “do the right thing.”

She added: “Think about it. How long did I work? How long did I support him? I had to give him a lot of money in the divorce. You tell me — what’s the moral thing to do?”

 She concluded by: “I want him to surround himself with good people. I don’t think anybody should be taken advantage of.”

In a press conference, Weirsky spoke about almost losing his Mega Millions jackpot and thanked Phil Campolo for finding it.

He said: "I put the tickets down, put my money away, and did something with my phone and just walked away. I figured when I woke up Friday morning, like, well, just another thing I lost. I wouldn't have 273 million dollars if it wasn't for them."

Do you agree or disagree with her decision not to get back with him?