Million dollars illegal Sakawa business in Ghana is going too far

source: bestnewsgh

Investigators in the United States revealed they recently arrested a group of six Ghanaians accused of being engaged in at least $50 million cyber-fraud activity.

The accused fraudsters were captured in many different states at various times, said the US Attorney's Office in the South District of New York.

Farouk Appiedu, Fred Asante, Celvin Freeman, Lord Aning, Sadick Edusei Kissi, and Faisal Ali was identified as a fraudster.

Around 2013 to 2020, this fraudster group committed a string of company email concessions and dating fraud targeting individuals and companies from across The United States, which escalated to their indictment.

Company email exploits, relationship scams, and deception methods links abut novel COVID-19 disease and were sent to hundreds of thousands of people by email which eventually caused many people thousands of dollars, taking advantage of people's fear and anxiety.

Four members of this fraud group defendant, Appiedu, Asante, Freeman, and Aning, were accused of having 45 plus local and international bank accounts with funds totaling $55 million over the course of many years

The FBI, and several other crime investigation departments cracked down this very complicated web of online scammers that were involved in over a million dollars scam operation. US Cybercrime unit (IRS, CI) was also involved in this case and this case is going to be prosecuted in Complex Fraud Cybercrime Unit.

How did they manage to get that much money?

This fraud business tricked many small companies as well as some very renowned companies throughout the globe  and  managed to convince them into sending funds to their bank accounts and from that they send money to other accounts so they won’t be detected by any international crime investigation office these fraudsters operated were using fake e-mail accounts that "spoof" and convinced the employees of a target company or other third parties doing business with their fake company that was actually operated by these fraudsters.

Secondly, the Enterprise performed romantic scams through the use of e-mail messages, text messages or online dating sites.

These enigmatic victims, many of whom were frail elderly, and single, believed that the scammers were interested in a romantic relationship with them. With a fake profile, the Company searched on different social media websites.

Others claim to have gold, shares, or oil to convince people to donate money to fraudulent business groups that were situated in Ghana.

Owners of luxurious cars

Not only they were sitting on piles of money but they also had some luxurious cars that were parts of their lavish lifestyle one member of the group (Farouk Appiedu) was caught with two 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinans, a 2020 Bentley Continental GT, and one 2020 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG and these cars were seized by the US authorities until further investigation results.

Man caught in Nigeria for online money scam

Recently a man was caught in Nigeria for Scamming people online and small companies by US Crime Investigation department, the Nigerian man was also caught with 11 million US dollars.