Mississippi guy spends 15 hours at waffle residence after finishing closing in fable football league

For every waffle lee sanderlin ate, he shaved an hour off his 24-hour penalty. "full of waffles however with out life," he tweeted.

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Fifteen hours, 9 waffles and one disillusioned belly later, a man in mississippi finished his punishment for completing final in his delusion soccer league.

Thousands on social media joined lee sanderlin as he stay tweeted his journey pleasurable his penalty, which required him to spend 24 hours at a waffle residence in brandon, mississippi. For each waffle he ate, however, an hour changed into shaved off the clock.

"quitters in no way win and winners by no means quit," sanderlin tweeted with a photo of him ingesting his 7th waffle at 11:37 a.M. Ct. An hour later, sanderlin, palpably depressing, tweeted: "complete of waffles however with out life."

Sanderlin, a reporter with the clarion-ledger in jackson, mississippi, did now not right now reply to a request for remark friday.

His punishment kicked off simply after 4 p.M.

"i'm coming to you stay from a brandon, mississippi waffle house. I, a complete loser, came in last place in my fantasy soccer league. As punishment, i spend 24 hours in a waffle residence. Each waffle i devour shaves an hour off the clock," he captioned a image of an empty waffle residence. "i were given some books, some magazines and a few podcasts. And two waffles to start."

A touch over an hour into the venture, sanderlin crammed down two extra waffles but stated that he changed into starting to revel in "big pain."

"please, any individual, release me into the sun," he begged as he shared a photo of his nearly empty plate.

Sanderlin tweeted that his league commissioner said he was allowed to sit inside the automobile parking space and, if wished, he may want to lose his lunch. Rather, he started to gobble down waffle numbers 5 and 6.

"y’all they’re taking place like cement now, and the coronary heart is thrashing real heavy-like. I’m the only nonemployee in right here. Got 1/2 of waffle 6 left and such a lot of hours," he wrote.

In every other submit, he stated: "hello. It is hour 7. In which we stand: 6 waffles ate up. 11 hours continue to be. Insides are in shambles, but kind mississippians came in and gave me a few rolaids. Shoutout the ones people. Yr boy is in ache."

After consuming a number of waffle number seven, sanderlin tweeted that he wanted a smash. He went back to consuming waffles at approximately 6 a.M. Ct.

"miley cyrus’ the climb is playing in this waffle house and that i think it’s time to attempt to placed down the ones ultimate 2 waffles and move domestic. This turned into real. At instances it became amusing. However, it was by no means clearly a laugh," he wrote.

After downing the closing of the waffles, he published: "the sun is growing, it’s a new day and i’m by no means eating waffles again. That’s 9 waffles and 15 hours in this eating place. S/o to the personnel for letting me grasp out on a sluggish night time (i tipped them well don’t worry). This changed into terrible and i endorse nobody ever do this."

Waffle residence employees assist co-employee attend his excessive faculty graduation

Sanderlin wasn't the primary man to strive the waffle house mission — nor turned into he the primary to go viral on twitter doing it.

Cyrus wittig, who went viral in january final 12 months, advised nbc information on friday that he turned into also tasked with pleasant his punishment after dropping in his delusion football league.

Wittig, 28 at the time of task, now 29, did it at a waffle house in arkadelphia, arkansas, about an hour southwest of little rock.

"it changed into clearly funny," he stated of sanderlin's challenge. "it was despatched to me by means of 20 humans this morning. I might be mendacity to you if i said i wasn't jealous that so many humans had been announcing it become exceptional, he's one of these legend, when I did this task 18 months in the past."

Wittig stated when he did it, he assumed that he wasn't allowed to leave the eating place, so he delivered his computer, headphones and chargers with him.

"the handiest thing that in reality dissatisfied me is that his commissioner of the league permit him depart and pass sit within the car — and of path each league is special, and perhaps mine is crueler — but i didn't leave the waffle house after I did my venture," he said jokingly.

Wittig presented some advice to every body else who's considering doing the assignment.

"i knew the team of workers and instructed them what i used to be doing, and that they loved it. And my waitress stated we should do six waffles at a time, and i suppose sanderlin paced himself a bit bit extra. I couldn't say what the higher strategy is, the best surefire component is be very satisfactory to the waffle residence workforce, or any eating workforce individuals. It's a punishment, but it is simplest as terrible as what you're making it," he said.

In reaction to the viral challenge, waffle house tweeted some phrases of assist for sanderlin: "sounds like a person received his fantasy football league, no longer lost..."

Wittig agreed, including "punishment" became a misnomer.

"i love waffle house, and i would not anybody to suppose that i failed to," wittig said. "i mean, anthony bourdain cherished it, it is a 24-hour eating place anywhere."

"waffle residence is where my coronary heart is. It is domestic," he said.