Mississippi To Impose Stricter Abortion Regulations. Shall a Legislator Decide Instead of a Mother?

Mississippi lawmakers are considering stricter abortion regulations to become the state with one of the tightest abortion laws in the country.

source: Pixabay

Mississippi lawmakers are considering tighter abortion restrictions, suggesting an abortion ban as soon as a fetal heartbeat is declared, which could be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. 

House Bill 732 and Senate Bill 2216 passed legislative committees Tuesday, threatening to make Mississippi one of the states with the strictest abortion regulations nationwide. Republican Gov. Phil Bryan already confirmed he would sign either House Bill 732 or Senate Bill 2116 which are going to the full House and Senate for more discussions. Both supporters and opponents of the new bills doubt they would pass without a court battle.

Nowadays, Mississippi has some of the tightest abortion regulations in the country with a 24-hour waiting period. In addition to that, the law calls for parental consent for the minors. In 2018, the state also introduced a new law forbidding termination of pregnancy after 15 weeks. A federal judge already declared it unconstitutional.

In an attempt to overturn the 1973 court ruling that legalized abortions in the US, numerous states have now been trying to impose restrictions on pregnancy terminations. 

In March last year, Ohio legislators introduced a new bill to ban abortion outright in the state. In November, The Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill to penalize doctors for performing an abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected.

 In May 2018, Louisiana lawmakers signed a bill to ban termination of pregnancy after 15 weeks. The new law that was supposed to enter into force on Monday this week was put on hold as the Supreme Court buys some more time to decide on it.

Furthermore, Iowa's Gov. Kim Reynolds commented Tuesday she would support the Republicans in their initiative to add anti-abortion language to the Iowa Constitution, highlighting that the state would not secure or protect a right to abortion.

In his annual State of the Union address, President Trump also paid attention to the abortion laws in the country, focusing on the New York abortion legislation. In President's view, the Congress should intervene and pass a ban on the so-called late abortions, happening in the final stage of the pregnancy.

The New York legislators which are in favor of the late abortions explained that abortions up to term are allowed in cases when the life and health of the mother have to be protected or whether there is a proven lack of fetal viability.

What do you think? Do you support the right of women to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy or not?