Missouri Walmarts Receive Social Media Threat Of Impending Violence—Will It Ever End?

source: Flickr

Kansas City Police are remaining on alert, after a post to Reddit this week.  The individual claimed to have two AR-15 semi-automatic weapons and 22 pipe bombs with the post further claiming that a shooting could very well take place at a Walmart in either Kansas City or Independence, Missouri.

The social media post threatened the “biggest mass shooting in modern American history.”  As a result, Kansas City Police Detective Robert Jorgenson told Business Insider Saturday: “The investigation is ongoing.”

The individual who made the Reddit post was only identified by the username of “Austin Vanbibber.”  Vanbibber stated that he was from Independence.  

He also claimed that he was planning an imminent attack along with a "friend," and said that a "large note" that is on their phones would provide the information about their motives for the shooting.

The word from the Kansas City Police Department is that there are multiple law enforcement based agencies, including the FBI, are investigating the threat as viable.  

lthough asked, Jorgenson stated he was not a liberty to provide information on whether or not an identification of the suspect had been made.  He also was not forthcoming on any other details that may involve the investigation.

As a precaution, the Kansas City Police Department has off-duty officers, for added security, assigned to various local Walmart stores.  The added security would continue as the investigation continues.  

usiness Insider contacted the retailer, and a spokeswoman for Walmart assured them that the company was aware of the post and has remained “in close contact” with their stores.

This newest threat comes just one week after shootings at two other Walmarts that resulted in deaths of at least 24 people in both El Paso, Texas and Southaven, Mississippi.  As for the most recent threat, the Kansas City Police Department took to Facebook on Friday, stating they were receiving "a ton" of messages and comments about the threat posted on social media.  

The post said: "We are getting a ton of messages right now regarding a threat of violence at a local Walmart that was posted on Reddit and elsewhere.  We became aware of this threat yesterday and have been working with our federal partners to address it."

On Saturday, the police posted an update indicating that they were now working closely with the FBI, as well as various other law enforcement agencies, to investigate the threat further and vet any information as it is developing.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is there any end in sight for all of these Walmart shootings and threats of violence?