More than 1,000 flights were canceled for the sixth day in a row in the United States


More than 1,000 flights were canceled for the sixth day in a row in the United States following a new record of covid infection.

There were 488 thousand cases in a day. At the same time, the omicron variant expanded with an increase in hospitalizations of 14% and deaths by 7%. 39% of the population still do not have two doses of the vaccine. Epidemiologist Anthony Fauci believes this strain will not be as lethal as Delta.

More than 1,000 flights were canceled at US airports this Wednesday, the sixth day of the crisis caused by the expansion of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. There were 488 thousand cases in one day, an absolute record - combined by a storm of snow in the west of the country.

As of 8:00 p.m. on the east coast, 1,020 cancellations had been registered throughout the country, more than a third of the cancellations worldwide (2,805) during the whole day of Wednesday, figures that seem to indicate a slight decrease in these incidents compared With the days gone by

In the northwestern United States, the Seattle-Tacoma airport has been suffering a storm of blizzard and snow for several days, has been the most affected globally, with 88 flights canceled at origin and 101 at destination; Beijing and Jakarta follow them.

Other US airports affected to a lesser extent are Newark (northeast), Chicago (center), where the cancellations seem linked to the spread of the covid-19 virus among the crews of the different planes.

By airlines, the most affected globally by cancellations, as in recent days, are China Eastern (441 flights affected), SkyWest (US regional line, with 271), Air China, United, and Delta Airlines orders.


The new strain of coronavirus continues to spread through the United States, and its contagion power managed to increase new cases by 60% in a week. However, the authorities insist it is less severe than the Delta and defend that the isolation period is reduced.

An average of 240,400 more infections in just seven days, the 60% above, with an increase in hospitalizations of 14% and deaths by 7%, are the updated data in this country that continues to have almost 40% of its unvaccinated population.

And although the figures do not seem encouraging at the moment, the main epidemiologist of the government chaired by Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, dared this Wednesday to be more optimistic than on other occasions.

Thus, Fauci expressed his confidence that in a few months, the pandemic will reach a "transition" that leads to coexistence with the virus but keeping it under "control" so that the covid-19 remains there, but without "disturbing" society or the economy as it has done so far.


Given the rapid spread of infections, the Biden government last week took extraordinary measures to face this new stage, and this Wednesday, the coordinator of the White House response team, Jeff Zients, insisted on sending state governments a message: "If they need something, ask for it," he said.

He thus recalled that the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had sent personnel and resources to various states, such as New York - doctors, ambulances and testing centers - Arizona, New Mexico, and Wisconsin, among others.