More than 50 thousand people attend the most significant Bitcoin event in history in Miami.


With record attendance, cryptocurrency has taken the city from the sun. The massive conference featured speakers and the officialization of the end of the pandemic.

Florida's central city, Miami, has been the first to adopt an ordinance that allows cryptocurrencies to pay for municipal services and gives city employees the ability to collect part of their salary in bitcoin (the first and most famous of the cryptocurrencies). As a result, The city of the sun is about to change. Gone are the years when Miami was synonymous with the beach, parties, and shopping centers. Today, the city is hosting technology and finance companies worldwide, making it the new Silicon Valley (or a better version, locals would say).

"In Miami, we want to be the capital of the capital," the mayor of the city, Francis Suarez, repeats daily. And apparently, his words penetrated deep into the world of cryptocurrency enthusiasts since the city of the sun managed to steal the annual Bitcoin conference in Los Angeles, and this version is the largest in history.

On Fridays and Saturdays, all day long, people who have purchased tickets for this conference (which started at 900 900) will be able to enjoy interactive conversations, listen to speeches and discussions, and primarily business people and investors. Will be able to establish relationships with cars. Who believes in the potential of digital currencies? They are largely taxable assets, as are any short-term or long-term assets It could be considered a parallel with gold but from the 21st century.

This is the future. Governments can no longer control our minds and our money. People understand that we are in control of our lives. That is why we are deregulating everything. And Miami is the first big city to understand it, "he told Infobae Dimitri Korev, a twentysomething owner of a technology company that has spent years investing in Bitcoin and came to Miami from California last summer. He was supposed to stay a couple of months; now, he is soon to celebrate his first anniversary in Florida.

The event takes place in Mana, a convention center located in Wynwood, the most alternative neighborhood in Miami.

Detractors of Bitcoin indicate that the currency has just experienced the worst month in losses in recent years, even though in one year, the gains exceed 300 percent.

At stake is the beauty of Bitcoin. There is no bank behind it and no government approves it. Brendan Heck said there were only people who traveled exclusively from New York to Miami to attend the conference.

Speakers will range from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, veteran libertarian Ron Paul, to the Winklus brothers, to Facebook co-creators. The first speaker was the city's host, Mayor Suarez himself, who has become a kind of rock star in the country's technical community.

Bitcoin is here to stay. They ask me why I pushed it into my city because every city of the future should look at technology. FTX (the cryptocurrency exchange site) just paid $ 200 million for the Miami basketball stadium to be named after him. That money will be used for summer programs for our young people and to develop tools and tactics to reduce gun violence in our neighborhoods," said the mayor to the applause of those present.

"Everybody is here. If you want to do a business or understand where the future is going, you have to be in Miami this weekend, "said Lauran Grace, a marketing executive from New York.

"I feel like a normal world again," said Otto Shane, another of the attendees. And of the thousands of participants in the program, no masks are visible. People greet each other with hugs, and the courtyard is ready for the DJ to entertain those who want to dance to his music at noon. In the vicinity of Mana, there are five blocks of line to enter the event. Miami is active again. 

The pandemic appears to be a thing of the past in a city whose percentage of COVID-19 positives in the last week has been below 2%. And after this epidemic world of Miami, a big bitcoin party was killed.